The Jolie-Pitts’ Winter Wonderland

Great pictures of the Jolie-Pitt family at Mammoth, tubing, snowboarding and skiing. The whole family was there, even Shiloh! Looks like they’re having tons of fun!

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  1. minou

    these are the best pics ever 🙂 Brad was born to be a dad and the kids are so cute

  2. Jessica

    i love pics of them ^^
    they are such a cute family

    i can only agree with minou, brad was born to be a dad, he did such a great job with all of them <3

  3. Don Imus

    isn’t kind of mean to take those little jungle-apes out into the snow? Don’t their metabolism slow down and they just sleep until it gets warm again?

  4. Michelle

    They’re all so cute! I love this family.

    And to the idiot who posted as Don Imus, I’m usually pro-life, but the kindest gift your mom could’ve given to the world was to abort you!

  5. tanisha

    look at the smile on brads face. that says it all..

    and michelle, good comment to “don imus” i totally agree

  6. is

    The adults have hats, But the kids DON’T? hmmm

  7. Sami

    Great pictures. Brad looks so happy! They had dinner with the Eastwoods tues/wed? Cool!

    IS: Not all kids tolerate hats, gloves or their hair being fussed with. In one picture you see Zee’s gloves thrown away. But am sure your concern is appreciated by the kids and their parents. 😉

  8. MOM2two

    My kids will not use hats or gloves no matter how cold it is. You just learn to pick your battles and thats not a fun one to have in public much less the paparazzi.

  9. DropThePilot

    It made me wonder, too, seeing kids without hats on. I can only be glad if there’s not too cold over there..And as for kids not using hats or gloves, I can say that when there’s freezing cold outside you only have 2 choices: to WEAR that maybe not always perfectly comfortable hats and stay healthy OR get ill and get flu or worse. I’ll always choose the 1st one.

  10. gia

    i wonder if angelina skipped participating in the activities because she is knocked up? or maybe there just arent any pics of her doing anything but standing there. i would think she would love that kind of stuff because she is so physically active. surely, the nannies on hand could have watched the smaller kids while she played. just trying to keep the pregnancy thing going. i am fairly positive that she is pregnant.

  11. KARENA

    I think they are such a nice family…they seem to have embraced all the diverse cultures wonderfully….Its nice to see them have fun…and Angelina is preggo it twins? that is a whole lot of children..God bless them…I have three and thats a handful..but they have the $$ to get help..even though it seems they are definitely hands on…

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