It’s Possible Angelina Jolie Is Six Months Pregnant

It looks like Angelina Jolie, 32, may be further into her pregnancy than most thought. A New York based OBGYN, told Page Six, “Angelina looks more like 20 to 24 weeks and looks appropriate for the stage.” He also said that a multiple pregnancy really doesn’t fit her profile – which means they just take her age and history into account. Well, if she is in her sixth month – that makes her due in May, which is right around the corner – pretty quick for us!

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  • ivy

    i would say shes 6 months, because im 5 and no where near that big. i know everyone’s different, but i think with her being so skinny she would show even more.

  • gia

    she is a twig with a bump!! lucky her that it seems only her bump & breasts get big, her butt wont get sloppy & huge, she barely even has one at all. i am sure when i get pregnant i will be one of those oh so lucky women who gets big ALL over. oh joy!

  • DropThePilot

    I wonder if she eats something at all, she’s so SKINNY! And the fact that the only color she’s wearing is black doesn’t make me like her more. Too much of black color. Is she really so boring?

  • Dea

    Oh my god can she be any skinnier or what? guess depends on your body type you wont know how far she is. I was moderate weight and barely showing up til my 6th months.

  • Jessica

    I agree with you, she really is skinny, but I think in these pics she finally looks better than in pics we saw a couple of months ago.
    She gains little weight and looks little healthier.
    At least she seems to glow and to be happy being pregnant again. But can’t really believe that Angelina is six month pregnant … time will show ^^

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