Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Bring The Twins Home

Proud new parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony took their twins home for the first time yesterday. Lopez gave birth to a boy and a girl early Friday morning at North Shore University Hospital on Long Island. Her short stay, and the fact that the babies were 11 minutes apart tells us she had a vaginal delivery – Oops, I’m wrong – she had an emergency c section. I’m very curious to hear what they’ve named them.


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  • Anna

    That was my first thought too! But I read that she had a c section sheduled for the very next day but she was in labor the night before so she had an emergency c section in the middle of the night. I know the time,and the cap between the babies, everything pointed to a vaginal birth 🙂

    Here’s the post:

  • Lisa

    Thanks Anna 🙂

  • Pam

    i don’t about that, that blog is the only place that reported it. it always makes me wary when things are posted in only one place. 11 minutes is a long time apart for c-section twins.

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