Angelina To Give Birth In France ?

According to reports, Angelina sees having her baby in France as a way to honor her late mother, French-Canadian actress Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away last year.

“Giving birth in France will give her a certain feeling of peace about her mother’s death,” said the source, who added: “All of the kids love it there. It’s a good place for them to be.”

“Angelina is proud of her French roots and wants her latest addition to be born and raised there,” confirmed a pal.

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Source : Hello Magazine

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  1. DropThePilot

    How is she going to ‘raise her latest addition’ in France, if their current brood doesn’t have the permanent stable place of living? Will they settle down in one place at last? I REALLY doubt so.

  2. Julie

    It’s rumored that they’ve bought a place (some castle or something) in France.
    I remember that while pregnant with Shiloh, Angelina and Brad were looking for that kind of place in the South of France.

  3. Dea

    Wait a sec, I thought her late mom was Canadian French not French from France?!! then shouldnt she be settling in Canada?

  4. Sandra,

    According to Wikipedia, she was born in Chicago Illinois. You should read what Angelina says about her mom being French Parisian. It’s pretty interesting.

  5. Sherry

    France…Cananda…who cares as long as they leave the States!!!!!

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