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In their latest issue Ok! magazine asks the big question – is Katie Holmes expecting baby #2 ?

“She has that special glow that only pregnant women have,” an eyewitness tells OK!. “I would say there is a strong possibility that she’s pregnant.”

Quick to debunk the rumor – her reps told, “She’s not pregnant.”

That leads me to Us Weekly’s cover story – How Angelina Jolie Keeps the Power Over Jennifer Aniston. According to Us, Angelina and Brad bailed out of the Night Before party – where they would have bumped into Jennifer Anniston for the first time. The magazine is implying that the no show was intentional on Jolie’s part. Who knows – maybe Angelina wasn’t up for it. I have to think that no matter what, Jennifer wishes this would all go away, and people would just move on already.

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  1. DropThePilot

    I feel for Jennifer anyway, since Angelina broke their family with Brad and it’s never easy to forget and forgive.
    Their situation reminds me of my own one, when a new girl appeared and ruined my 2 y.o relationship with the man I loved more than anything in the world. AND she tried to avoid meeting me, too, just like Angelina does. I think what she’s done will get back to her one day.

  2. Dea

    I am no fan of these 2 women (Angie and Jen) but I honestly feel bad for Jen. I am sure she has already moved on waaaaay eons ago while the media still potray and use her as a victim as a selling point. This is really getting old and I wish they stop already.

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