Dannielynn Hope Birkhead Has Corrective Eye Surgery

Dannielynn Hope, daughter of Anna Nicole and Larry Birkhead, has completed successful surgery to correct an eye condition known as Strabismus or more known as “cross eyed”. Birkhead told ET, “Dannielynn is home from surgery and resting comfortably.”

Apparently being cross eyed runs in the family according to Anna Nicole’s half sister, Donna Hogan, who told OK! in January, “I can confirm that it is hereditary on our father’s side of the family.” Hogan’s own 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed with the same condition. She currently is waiting for the same surgery.

As for the rumors that Dannielynn developed Strabismus as a result of Anna’s drug use, Larry says not so. “All the doctors told me that it was more than likely genetic.”

By Auditioning Contributor Kaitlyn

Source: OK!

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  1. Devin

    Larry Birkhead is digusting. I wonder how much he made to let the camera’s into the operatig room. It’s truly sad when you think about how hard Anna Nicole tried to keep this opportunist out of her daughters life. Poor Dannilyn is nothing more than a cash cow to this man.

  2. noodlemonkey

    Sadly, I think Davin is right…

  3. Why is this man so bad & disgusting? The people need to Leave well Enough Alone… there is nothing wrong with a father being a father to his baby girl- wether it be Dannielynn or not.Being a parent is one thing; but wanting to be involved from the beginning,making the effort to be there & knowing you are 100% sure that this is your child and assuming the role as this baby girls daddy is good thing.Larry youre doing a great job!! My Prayers & best wishes go out to you & Dannielynn Hope xoxoxoxo.

  4. Peta

    Whether he’s a great or poor parent, I’m still on the fence. Only time (and Dannielynn) will tell. Rather than speculating, I think we should all hope for the best for her. She’s had enough drama in her young life already.

    I do wonder if he paid that lawyer as yet. She was hopping mad for her money.

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