Brad Pitt Tells Friends ‘We’re Having Twins’

Believe it or not?

Looks like the pregnant Angelina Jolie is in fact pregnant with twins! According to the Daily Mail, Brad Pitt confirmed the news to friends.

One friend of the couple had this to say:

“Brad’s been very quiet about this pregnancy so far but this was the weekend he decided to let the cat out of the bag. He’s telling everybody close to him, because he’s having to change around his work schedule to get ready for the birth.”

The soon-to-be father of six will have his hands full with 5 movies he’s signed on to, as well as an additional 7 movies he will produce. This is one busy man!

The twins will be joining Shiloh 21 months, Maddox, 6, Zahara, 3, and Pax Thien, 4.

The couple are well on their way to that football team Pitt had joked about.

By Auditioning Contributor Kaitlyn

Source: the Daily Mail

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  1. audrey

    father of seven? i think she meant father of 6.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks Audrey – I changed it

  3. Rinoa

    Holy smokes! That’s one large family. If anyone can do it though, they can.

  4. Kait

    I agree with Rinoa, I’m sure they will be great parents! Obviously they love children, two more will just make even more happiness in the house.

  5. ivy

    i hope the quote about them wanting to adopt another black baby was true and they end up doing that soon, zahara probably does feel different.

  6. Lora in Kentucky

    Yes!!!! I love that she is having twins. How exciting. Can’t wait!

  7. Anonymous

    i bet that they are not only one

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