Pregnant Nicole Kidman Didn’t Drink Wine

Who says a woman can’t have her wine at the Oscars? Cindy Adams of The New York Post claimed that pregnant Nicole Kidman, 40, asked for white wine backstage during the Oscar cast and she got it.

Kidman’s rep argued:

“Not true. She drank lemon zinger and water and was nursing a very bad cold.”

Kidman showed off her new baby bump at the Oscars, and announced last month she is expecting her first baby with husband Keith Urban.

By Auditioning Contributor Kaitlyn


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  • MOM2two

    my sister had a couple of drinks late in her pregnancy, her kids are smart and wonderful. I am not so sure about drinking early on in the pregnancy and especially at her age!

  • Kait

    I’ve never had a child or have been pregnant for that matter, but i do know that drinking is definately not something a pregnant woman should be doing. I believe Kidman and her baby will be fine though whether or not she did have one drink.

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