Tori & Liam Visit A Bakery In LA

Tori Spelling looks quite happy as she leaves a bakery in LA yesterday with her son, Liam Aaron McDermott, who turns 1 March 13. Tori is due with her second child in July. has video of Tori talking about being pregnant, how Dean helps out, and about her new memoir sTORI, Telling. It sounded like she slipped in the video and gave away the sex of the baby when she says, “this book is dedicated to my boys” – but if you listen close she says, “Liam and Dean.” If interested, video is here.


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  1. Liam gets cuter and cuter in every photo!

  2. lili

    liam is beautiful!!! very very beautiful

  3. Helen Skor

    Little Liam looks more and more like Dean every day! He’s really an adorable child.

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