Singer Sarah Connor To Be A Big Sister

German singer Sarah Connor, 27, is going to be a big sister for the 7th time. Her Mom, who is 50, is expecting twins.

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Source : Krone zeitung

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  1. Klexxio

    wow i didn’t know she is known beyond germany. that’s kinda cool, although i’m not into her music so much…

  2. jamie

    wow isnt her mom way to old to be having more kids sheshhhhh 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she should be going through menopause?????????????????????

  3. Who? Im not familar with alot of the people posted lately..

  4. Natsu

    Yeah~ i heard it yesterday on TV.
    All celebrity shows talked about it.
    But they said on “Exclusiv Weekend” (channel RTL) that it isn’t a natural pregnancy.
    Soraya is about the 6 month and Sarah was shocked at the first time.

  5. Dea

    I dont know who she is but I think her mom needs to reeeeally take it easy on “getting busy”. For the 7th time? dear jeezus, I can barely handle 2 kids let alone 7!! well if it’s twins then it will be 8 kids.

  6. D

    Wiki says: Connor is the eldest of six siblings born to Michael Lewe, an advertising writer of American descent, and his ex-wife Soraya Gray, a former fashion model and homemaker of Scottish and German heritage, in Delmenhorst, Lower Saxony. She has four sisters: Anna Maria, Marisa, Sophia-Luisa (born 1992) and Valentina (born 1996); and one brother, Robin.
    So she’s is going to be a big sister for “only” the 6th time, coz she didn’t become one for herself, but if you meant automatically for twins, then yes, for the 6th and 7th time together.
    And by the “ex-wife” title of her mom, i guess they will only be her half siblings.

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