Kim Clijsters Welcomes A Girl!

Former US Open champion Kim Clijsters, has given birth to a daughter on Wednesday . Jada Lynch was born in the Vesalius hospital in Tongeren. She weighs 3.035k and is 51 centimeter tall. “Both parents and baby are doing fine”, spokesman Jeroen Jespers said. “Jada is pronounced like “Jayda”.

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Source : Kim Clijsters Official Site

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  1. Jada is a great name. congratulations for the new family.

  2. Moya Ashurst

    delighted for Kim & her husband – Kim much missed on the tennis circuit but great to see a lady put family before ambition. A beautiful little girl for a beautiful lady. I’m sure she will be much cherished.

  3. Nicky

    Congratulations to Kimmy and her husband Brian. She looks like a gorgeous kid. Beautiful name too. This is what Kim always wanted. I miss seeing her on the tennis circuit. My gosh, she looks pretty skinny after just giving birth! My stomach looks like that (or even bigger) and I haven’t even had kids yet!!!!

  4. valda fisher

    I hope she will play tennis and grow up to be famous like her Mum!
    My family and I all love the name “jada”
    We are excited about your comeback to tennis!
    I am a really big fan of you Kim.


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