Is Jamie Lynn Expecting A Boy?

MSNBC, reports that pregnant Jamie Lynn, 16, and her big sister Britney Spears did some shopping at Petit Tresor in West Hollywood on Feb. 25. A source close to the store claims the sisters purchased some blue items which included, organic baby blankets by designer, towels and pajamas.

The source was quoted as saying:

“Britney originally said the items were for herself. None of the items could have been mistaken for being purchased for the two kids Britney already has.”

Believe it or not? I doubt it’s true, since Britney Jamie hasn’t been spotted in Hollywood lately – she’s been photographed a few times in Louisiana with her boyfriend and fob, Casey Aldrige.

Source: MSNBC

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  • DropThePilot

    I think you meant that Jamie Lynn has been spotted with her bf Casey, it’s her boyfriend, not Britney’s as I know:)

  • Lisa

    Oh Thanks!! I think I’m just brainwashed seeing Britney’s name all the time LOL!

  • naomi

    no no she is having a girl she confirmed it

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