Pregnant Minnie Driver & Her Sister

Minnie Driver who is reportedly pregnant with a baby girl is pictured with her sister Kate at the Notting Hill screening of Fade To Black. In most of the photos we’ve seen of Minnie lately, she’s either wearing loose clothes, or carrying a big handbag in front of her belly – this is the first time we get a good look at her, and I’d say that’s a maternity shirt.


Photo: Getty

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  • Dea

    She is pregnant? by who? wow, she has been under the radar for so long and suddenly she came out with a bang (no pun intended).

  • Lisa

    She keeps such a low profile – that no one knows who the father is. Could be sperm donor…

  • carol

    I wish her the baby and father lots of love and luck… it’s so different in this time… so many lost Mom’s and babies out there in the past… nice to be able to stay together!

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