Nicole Kidman Visits The Gym

Pregnant Nicole Kidman is pictured going into her gym over the weekend in Beverly Hills. The thumbnails below show her leaving, after what seems to be an intense workout. Just curious what you all think of Nicole or any pregnant woman working out that intensely during pregnancy? I was one of those couch potatoes, so my opinion really doesn’t matter here. I do know if you’ve worked out prior to getting pregnant, doctors tell you it’s generally OK.

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  • Doctors say it’s ok to work out as long as you’re not upping your routine. I read in Runner’s World about a woman who ran during her whole pregnancy. They doc said it was fine as long as she was comfortable. She ran up to 8 months.

    I intend to continue to work out when I’m prego as I’ve heard it makes a world of difference in labor and delivery if you’re fit.

  • gia

    i think its fine as long as your body temp doesnt go over a certain degree & overheat & put the baby in danger.
    her mouth looks so funny & different in these pics.

  • Sandra

    We have no way of knowing how strenuous her workout was by looking at photos. Some women continue to jog and lots of other activities through most of their pregnancy. Nicole is obviously working on keeping herself toned and strong which will be a huge benefit as her pregnancy goes on and her delivery date approaches. Doctors tell us NOT to be couch potatoes! (unless medically necessary)

  • Lisa

    I agree with you guys…I should clear up I was only a couch potato during my first pregnancy – and no, I didn’t lay on the couch all day. I worked full time, but I remember being so exhausted…and having no energy to workout at all. With my next 2 pregnancies, I don’t think I ever sat down!(running after toddlers) Exercise is great in moderation while pregnant, and does prepare you for delivery. There was talk on other blogs that Nicole went way overboard doing a strenuous spin class. I didn’t put that in, because I have no way of knowing if that’s true or not.

  • Pencils

    I’m planning on working out as long as I can during my pregnancy. I’m a runner, and I had to quit running for a while at the very beginning as I just didn’t have the energy, but now as I start my second trimester I’m going back to running, while also using the elliptical and walking on other days. The point is that you can still work out, just at a lower intensity than earlier–you shouldn’t increase your fitness, just try to maintain it if you can. Pregnant women should keep an eye on their heart rate (talk to your doctor about a recommended level for you) and should be very careful to stay hydrated and to avoid getting overheated.

  • ivy

    i work out 3 times a week, not to intense though, mostly weight training and biking.

  • suzan

    She looks great and what a small lovely bump she has!!

  • Dea

    I agree with the girls in this thread. My friend who barely showed when she was 7 months preggo, jogged til the end of her pregnancy. I did not go that far, just did moderate cardio and resistance. I guess moderation is the key.

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