Jessica Alba Blogs While Getting Ready For ‘The Eye’ Premiere

Jessica Alba is in Paris promoting her latest movie The Eye, and is pictured looking gorgeous at the premiere yesterday. While getting her hair and make-up done for the event, she did some blogging on her MySpace page.

Hey guys, I am now in Europe promoting to “the eye.” LAST TRIP!!! Went to the Lanvan show and the Rodin museum in Paris…amazing. Also saw Amy Whinehouse perform. She has such an incredible voice. She’s definitely a throwback…reminiscent of Ella. I am currently getting my makeup done to go to the premiere of my movie. Can’t wait to get home and rest. Every day I have eaten ham and cheese sandwiches, I cant get enough of them. Wish they had these back in the states, the bread is amazing. My tummy is getting bigger by the second and the little one must like the food too because it is moving and kicking like crazy. ITS THE BEST. Have to go but just wanted to check in. JA

I think she looks beautiful, and it must be fun being pregnant in Paris–especially if bread and cheese is one of your cravings!

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  • PtitePom

    Well, yeah, bread and cheese are some of the things we’re famous for. But that’s not all. I had to laugh at her saying she can’t get enough of ham and cheese sandwiches, because even though that’s an institution here too (just like hot-dogs in the USA), people who work and have no time to have lunch (or not a lot of money, cos that’s the cheapest thing to eat!) pick that kind of sandwich and are so fed up with eating that almost everyday! So you know, I picture that int’l star, going to the Lanvin show and then craving that… Just funny. By the way, if you guys ever come to France, you can ask for a “Jambon-Beurre”, everyone will understand!

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