… And Walking Girls!

One-year-old sisters Eden and Savannah take a walk in a park with their mama. Seems like Savannah, who’s always looked a bit more “babyish” than her sister to me, is actually doing better at taking first steps than her sister. Recent pictures tend to confirm that while baby S. can walk by herself, baby E. still needs some assistance.

The twins have always been of my favorite “celebrity babies”. They look so happy, healthy and Marcia seems to be a really god Mommy, enjoying each and every minute with her bundles of joy.

More adorable pictures of the twins walking after the jump…


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  • tess

    they are really cute.
    I love them

  • Nope

    So cut and a great mum!

  • Nope

    So cute and a great mum!

  • elle

    i agree i think savannah has always looked more “babyish” then eden. but both are really cute

  • PtitePom

    @ elle : Yes they are! Definitely! Even though Savannah looks more like her dad then Eden to me.

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