Bridget Moynahan & John Walk Around The Neighborhood

Bridget Moynahan, 36, takes John, 6-months, for a walk around their Pacific Palisades neighborhood yesterday. Bridget spoke about her pregnancy and baby for the first time since giving birth, in a video that was posted on back in February. The nine minute plus video shows Moynahan and her friend Sam Harris (her birth partner) having lots of laughs in front of the camera–John is there too, but mom keeps him well hidden.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Tutu

    Very nice photos and news of Bridget and it is good to read your baby

    Instead of the Tom Brady puffff dirty
    Flows of people porn with the fox from gisele

  • Laura

    Looks dangerous to sport a baby in a back thing like that. He is way too young for that. Does she know what the hell she is doing!!!! ?????

  • I don’t think you are supposed to wear them on your back until they are older. She looks amazing though! Does Tom ever see his kid?

  • Owners are you moderating these comments they are terrible!

  • Cathy

    She looks great. Why should she have to wear make-up to go for a walk? She isn’t posing for pics, she’s going for a walk. It’s nice to see a Hollywood mom with her kids and not a nanny.

  • Lisa

    I deleted the three nasty comments–which btw, happened to be from the same person–I like when people discuss topics, and I do allow things to get some what heated at times, but if you’re a Bridget hater…then go somewhere else to bash her.

  • katie

    what kind of baby carrier is that?? nice that you can use it in the front & back.

  • Katie, it is an Ergo carrier and it is GREAT! It can also be worn on your hip.

  • lj

    She looks great!! I checked the other sites and yes she can carry the baby on her back, as long as the baby can hold his head up it’s perfectly fine. He looks he was enjoying the walk looking around. If you look at other pics when he fell asleep mom was holding him in the front. Too Cute!!

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