The Burke-Charvet Family By Linnea Lenkus

Artist Linnea Lenkus has released a wonderful photoshoot of the Burke-Charvet family. Brooke and David, with their girls Neriah, Sierra and Rain, pose before the arrival of the new addition (a boy).

They look really happy all together and I can’t wait to see who the baby will look like. I’ve always thought that Rain looked like David, but I now find her to resemble her beautiful Mom more and more (and I love love love the way she smiles!!)

More Gorgeous Pictures After The Jump…


You can find the photoshoot here. Click here for Brooke’s blog, BabooshBaby.

By Contributor PtitePom

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  • bluezy

    I don’t know about everyone else…but I find the naked toddler pictures a little odd. Especially they one where she is being cradled by her father. They are cute when the baby is a newborn but a little strange in my book when she’s practically potty training age! Don’t get me wrong…I love a naked “baby” as much as the next guy. But professional naked pictures start looking a little inappropriate at a certain point.

  • PtitePom

    I agree bluezy, they kind of disturbed me at first, too… But they are beautiful pics anyway!

  • Love Life

    Wonderful photos! I don’t think the rest of you have children. If you did, you’d realize how wonderful these are.

  • Anonymous

    Those are beautiful!

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