Max & Emme: Regular Names Or Trend Setting?

With all of the unique celebrity baby names out there-–Suri, Violet, Shiloh, Harlow, Apple, why did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony choose Max and Emme? Pamela Redmond Satran, author of baby naming guides Cool Names and The Baby Name Bible, told

“Max and Emme are cute but, as starbaby choices go, highly unoriginal. Christina Aguilera just used Max, which hasn’t been truly cool since the eighties,” Satran explains. “And Emme is an amalgam of Emily and Emma, the top two names in the country, which means that she’ll be in the same position [Jennifer] was always in, being one of several kids her age with the same name. It’s refreshing when celebrities choose the kind of regular names that the rest of us choose and don’t reach so hard to come up with a Romeo or a Moxie Crimefighter.”

Sticking with so called, “regular names” is a nice refresher from what we’re used to. Props to Lopez and Anthony for possibly starting a new trend in Hollywood!

By Auditioning Contributor Kaitlyn


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  • PtitePom

    As I’ve already said, I was quite surprised that they’d picked these names, just like I was surprised with Christina. But definitely surprised in a GOOD way. It’s so good to think that those babies won’t suffer from the ridiculous names some parents give their kids. I mean, ok, it’s their right to choose what they’re going to call their babies, but man, think about the poor kids who will be made fun of at school and in their lives! That’s so selfish in my opinion!
    I don’t see what is wrong with ‘regular’ names. Just because they’re stars doesn’t mean they have to make pathetic/ridiculous decisions…

  • ivy

    i dont like some of the crazy names stars choose, but i dont like really common names either. its nice not to have the same name as everyone else, or have three other girls/boys in your class with the same name. i think max and emme are right in the middle, not too common and not weird.

  • Moore

    I think celebs have been using “regular” baby names for a while they just don’t get the attention as the crazier ones.

  • DropThePilot

    I also support the idea of naming kids with ‘regular’ names, which in fact isn’t as a bad idea at all. They seem to be more down-to-earth people, than I actually thought.

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