Angelina Visits Barnes & Noble

Angelina Jolie drops Maddox, 6, off at school, and heads to Barnes & Noble bookstore in Austin, Texas. Wow–her belly has really grown since she revealed her pregnancy last month. The Jolie-Pitt clan are in Texas while Brad Pitt films a new drama “The Tree of Life” with Sean Penn.

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  • Angelina looks so natural and wonderful pregnant. Hopefully some of the weight sticks on her this time.

  • joy

    She is the most sexy and beautiful pregnant women in the world. I’m so proud of her… she deserve the best..

  • RUBI


  • lu

    Yeah, bless to Angelina and Brad for the new child

  • avelina

    she is gorgeous especiallly this time …what a pretty preggy woman!!!!!

  • Dea

    How far along is she, does anybody know?

  • Sami

    No one knows exactly, but early Nov whilst promoting Beowulf she said she was not pregnant “yet”!

    So I guess she found out after that, so maybe 3-31/2 months. What’s funny is that it seems that Lucy, Gwen AND Angie are all pregnant again at the same time.

    She does look great pregnant. Angie is naturally slight in build an all the baby weight seems to go to the right places.

    CONGRATULATIONS to them all!

    I hope the paps give them some space whilst photographing them.

  • Aileen

    The most sexy gorgeous loving couple. It is just so sweet looking at them. Cannot get enough pictures of them. Congratulations may they have many happy years ahead with their families.

  • pattie

    “call him, daddy, maddox……maybe your wish will come true.” (remember mommy telling you this back when she was making ‘mr & mrs smith’????? sure you do, mad.

  • irma

    She is huge. Either June or July maybe she will have the baby? I was just at Barnes & Nobles the other day here in my place, B & N supports Brad’s project in NOLA so I support the book store & Angie too.

  • anita

    She definitely has passed her first trimester an di would guess she maybe having a boy looking @ her pointy stomach. just an observation based on old beliefs . Nevertheless, Angie is still the best looking pregnant woman and couldnt wait to see the the new baby. Looking forward to seeing her films as well and all the best to her and Brad and their wonderful kids.

  • Lake

    are you kidding ..i am an angie fan..but she looks like shes wearing a rag..unless shes on the red carpet..she always dresses like s…

  • sure she is beautifully preggy.wish them luck!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Excuse me, but she is carrying twins idiots!!! Of course she is going to be bigger quicker. I think she looks fabulous! My god, even a 5th Ave. Soccor Mom couldn’t pull off that much beauty while dropping off their children at school. Secondly, Pattie, Angelina appears to be a great Mom, she let Maddox decide who he wanted for his dad and sister. Once Mad green lighted the addition to the family, he had a Dad:-). That is why there kids seem to be so well adjusted; she encourages them to love and protect each other but allows them the freedom to express themselves. That’s a pefect family to me.

  • Carrie

    So Sarah…let me get this straight, the reason Angie and Brad are together is b/c of a decision a 4 year old made???

    Um, yeah. That’s rational.

  • Sarah

    Obviously, you have a reading comprehension problem. Angie has stated in many interviews that the reason they are family and Brad is Mad’s Dad is because Mad called him Dad one day and they were flabergasted. She has said Mad is the one who decided that one, he wasn’t encouraged by her. She has also said if the kids want them to get married then thet will but until then she thinks things are perfect as they are, a family.

    Therefore, one could assume that Brad won over Maddox, and that was clincher for Angie as she said so many times in many articles. Furthermore, she said that Maddox blew a kiss at Zahara, which sealed the deal for Angie, and she returned to Etheopia with Brad several months later to pick up his sister Z.

    Carrie, Reading is fundamental.

  • Carrie

    Sarah, you have WAY too much time on your hands, sweetpea. You know a scary amount of details about them.

    As for my reading comprehension skills, they’re just fine. Apparently, I have a life and don’t see the need to read EVERY article EVER written on them, unlike you. 🙂

  • Amy

    I wonder what school Mad is going to in TX? It would great if you could get some info on that, thanks.

  • Angie looks great with the pregnancy along what 4 months. But this website needs to not be taking so many photos and then blabbing gossip for it. Other than that I think the twins will look adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am the biggest fan of Brad and Angelina both, and I love their kids. All of them. I proboly know more about Brad and Angelina more than anyone else. Because for one I have meet them before, and they look prattier in preson. Two, I read all their news every day, and I can tell if it is true or not. So for all of you out there hating on them I say get a new hobby because god don’t like UGLY.I think that they a the perfect family.

  • Angelina looks really beautiful. Don’t you think that it is kind of strange that Brad and Matt are friends and they are both having kids. Also Angelina and Gwen are also friends and they are both having kids at the same time for the second time?
    Do you think that the men got together and made a pact to get the love of their lives pregnant around the same time? I mean I don’t know what is going on. Maybe its the water that they are drinking.

  • myrna Libiran

    Angie’s passion with kids is just amazing, and it simply makes her a total woman. She’s beautiful inside and out.

  • alex


    Have you really meet them in person??, where… in a movie premiere or charity event??

  • Lorraina

    hi there everyone, first off I read all the comments left on here and I agree 90% of everything. Angelina is an amazingly beautiful woman. Who not only cares what happens to children in other countries but, people in general.
    As for some of the pettiness on this bored, I thought this was a common room to congratulate Brad and Angie on their new bundles of joy!! I would have to agree with one person who described some of the people as “idiots” that she is having twins, (not that anyone is an idiot).
    Her natural glow is illuminating and she looks great no matter what she is in!!
    My suggestion, I think this board is great everyone has a common like in this room and people should respect others thoughts and opinion.

  • Lorraina

    sorry ment to type ” board”

  • nancy jeffcoat

    my congrats to angelina and her family. i am a huge fan of hers. i saw her in person at the premier of OCEANS THIRTEEN IN HOLLYWOOD this past june. she is even more BEAUTIFUL in person and if you all think that brad is good looking, you should see HIM in person!!!!!!! they are good people, trying to do good for others and i admire them.

  • Anonymous

    You are all insane…

  • Too bad they can’t honor these children by being married and showing respect for the family. This culture glorifies doing what ever you want inspite of the lack of dignity or propriety. A clear view of what this generation has become. It’s all about me…

  • Faye

    Gale – I disagree. More than 50 percent of married couples in America are divorced. Obviously, marriage doesn’t necessarily guarantee a solid family life. This couple has made it abundantly clear their children come first and that they stay together as a family as witnessed by their current stay in Texas. Angelina could probably make three films this year for 10 – 20 million per movie, but she chose instead to take the year off so she could devote the time to her family and her humanitarian work. I would definitely not call that selfish.

  • Lora in Kentucky

    As long as they are happy, what is it to anybody else? I don’t think that them being married would make the world spin for them. It’s just a piece of paper in this modern society anymore. Reference the national diveorce rate.

  • My point exactly, it is now just a piece of paper, no more sacred committment, no more honoring the union. Just move in, if it doesnt work out then move out. Marriage is alot more than just a statement. The definition of a family is no long what it used to be. How sad. Mix and match, whatever is convenient. It is a moral issue and I feel that society now has taken what was and is honorable and made it far too casual. Break up one marriage to move in and make children with someone else. Real honorable.

  • Alby

    Well, gale, I don’t know about anybody else. But I personally can remember a time when marriage was a spiritual sacrament. (the idea being that a covenant was created between you the lord and another individual.)I can remember vividly how my grandmother frowned on my own uncle’s marriage because it wasn’t performed in a catholic church.

    In fact the first time I ever heard someone with “old fashioned” principals really get defensive about civil marriage was around the time homosexuals started looking for the right to get married. All of a sudden, so called conservatives started an uproar about how homosexual couldn’t get married cause G-d never intended it.

    I say all that to say this. In my own view there are a number of ways to be commited. Spiritual, religious, physical, and civil… at this point in time I don’t think it’s anyones business to tell anyone else what constitutes commitment. The only thing that marriage predominantly changes now is finance.

  • boys


  • Perhaps no ones business but God’s. Since He is the author of life and marriage I believe that His ways are what is valid. Mans ways will always seek their own desires. God had reason for marriage and they haven’t disappeared. Mans departure from what was planned has resulted in all kinds of compromise, allowances and selfishness. Society today proves that following mans way has truely not done any good. The fall of morals and what is natural has created more disease and non-commitment than ever before. 1 in 4 teenagers now have STD’s. Wow whatever happened to waiting to marry and then remaining faithful to your husband or wife? Marriage is honorable and there is a reason for purity. We are reaping the consequences of the failure to follow a plan that works and has purpose.

  • Just me

    Sarah and Gale belong together. Good luck girls.

  • Lorraina

    marriage is a sacred union between those two people. Why push your views on another or your moral judgments. “Marriage should not be entered into lightly” this is what the pastors say during the vows, so, who are we to say they have not thought of the importance of this meaning.

  • Funny, but they are not my judgements. They are living the life of two married people, having children, but without the boundaries of marriage. It sends quite a message. It is no longer neccesary to have the sacred union of marriage, do what you want without a moral compass. This is something that was instituted by God, not me. Judgements are either right or wrong. Everyone, everyday makes judgements. There is nothing wrong with that. You made the judgement that I was wrong to “push” my opinions on others. My opinion is based on a truth. We also make judgements in re to behavior of others in the laws we enforce, what we allow our children to do, see, say. Come on. The fact is, marriage has been degraded, there is no longer the same treatment of commitment for many. It is dishonoring to everyone involved when you dont even take the step to make it sacred.

  • Kristennotspitzershooker

    Gale, “judgments” does not have two “E’s.” You have time to crack open the bible but not a dictionary, eh?

    Secondly, at the risk of sounding like I read too much Brangelina stuff (and I probably do), they said they would get married when gay people have the right to do the same.

    Please don’t try to convince me or anyone else about the “sacredness” of marriage being debased. We’ve heard your arguments before, and we’ve all moved on.

  • whatever


    Mmmm, “judgement” is correct spelling if you go with the Brits.

  • cheekymonkey

    Don’t gay people have (and have always had) exactly the same rights as everyone else when it comes to marriage?

    Every male is allowed to marry just one female (…at a time :D) and every male is allowed to marry just one female. Where’s the rights infringement? I can’t marry another female, my cousin, my father, my two best friends, my daughter, my son, etc. Neither can any other female….well, now they’re all about changing the rules so I guess pretty soon it’s all going to be okay.

  • I Think Angie is very pretty and always has been pregnant or not.I would Love, to be able to talk to her even if it was over the phone. Her and Brad make a great couple. I guess it would be a Dream come true for me. If you could Please get in touch with her and give her my phone number, I would like her advice on some personal issues in my own personal life. My phone Number is: 1-573-724-0578. I live in the Bootheel of Missouri. Thanks and God Bless

  • Lorraina

    deanna, I wouldn’t post my telephone number on a message board out of fear, I could google you and get your address just because you posted you number!!
    I agree with you that Angelina seems to be an amazing woman. I see her quite frequently. my husband LOVES her and I just think she is gorgeous!! please be careful on posting personal info on the web.
    Oh, and hi everyone have a great day!!!

  • I do apologize for the misspelling, it was an oversite. If you have heard the arguments, and perhaps read the Bible then maybe you understand the reasons that I uphold honorable marriage instead of how the world now looks at it. To make gay marriage honorable and a reason not to make your own example of dishonorable shacking up ok is really pretty sad. If the Bible is the word of God, then gay marriage is an abomination. It is not natural and is so far from the intention of life in the first place. So move on if you wish, but you can’t change the truth by doing so. Feel free to continue spell checking for me…

  • ron

    as the first commenter mentioned, i do hope she doesn’t go back to being too skinny again. she’s much lovelier and looks healthier, a little weight on her won’t hurt now would it 😉

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks like a blob.

  • smplyjenn

    Deanna Drumright, why would you think a celeb would have the inclination to help a stranger with personal probs??

    your inner circle of friends are the ppl that you need to go to to talk with.

    shrinks help, try out a few numbers, see what they can say, but please please please dont be deluded that celebs can help out with problems, money or advice.

    celebs are like paintings, we enjoy them, have copys of them but never can get to meet the artists.

  • chines

    Very interesting comments folks. Stimulating and thought provoking! I am a
    a fan of the Jolie-Pitts also. However, I must agree with Gayle… she is right ong I’d on the money regarding Bible principles and God’s arrangement. I would
    like nothing more than to see a sacred commitment established between the
    two of them. Let’s wait and see.

  • chines

    Hi, it’s me again. Please excuse the poor arrangement and spelling of my
    comment. I experienced difficulty with the editing on this site and couldn’t
    correct it for some reason. I think you get my point about the situation.
    Also, can we be a little more kind to one another?

  • Rinoa

    What Gayle says is all fine and good if you believe in God and the Bible but what about people like me who don’t believe in your god? Why should I have to follow the rules laid out by someone who, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t exist? Everyone has different beliefs and it is wrong to impose your beliefs on others. Live and let live.

    If you believe that marriage is sacred and that couples should only have children after marriage then that’s fine but you cannot impose those beliefs on other people and tell others how to live. People need to realize that the world is made up of many kinds of people, most of whom do not share your views. So let’s respect everyone’s views and stop pushing our own beliefs on others.

    Also, for those of you who believe that gay marriage is an abomination because of what the Bible says, I seriously suggest watching a documentary called, “For the Bible Tells Me So”. It sheds some light on the subject.

  • cheekymonkey

    “Everyone has different beliefs and it is wrong to impose your beliefs on others. Live and let live.”

    Is this YOUR belief? Are you imposing it on me? I want to marry my dad, is that okay? My daughter wants to marry her two best friends, is that okay?

    Society is only as good as it is because it was based on a Judeo-Christian foundation. Should we abolish this and start over with the new mantra of “everybody do what they feel like because no one can tell you otherwise?” Let me know because the beeatch that lives a few doors down thinks it’s okay to stroll around naked in her front yard (she’s 300 pounds) and fondle herself. She’s not hurting anyone, so I presume it’s okay.

    Documentaries…..EXCELLENT source of information, btw (sarcasm intended).

  • Anonymous

    If you’ve ever gathered sticks on the sabbath; committed adultery; or cheeked your parents (even your name suggests guilt in this case); you’d be put to death, based upon the holy foundation of the bible.

  • cheekymonkey

    lol anonymous….you need to study it if you want to understand it…
    what specifically about Jesus’s message do you find offensive, anonymous?

  • Very interesting feedback I must say. It is true, there are many who do not believe in God. The Bible clearly speaks of those but also says that the creation itself speaks of God and that there will be no excuse when the time comes to be confronted with that truth- face to face. Morals and truth did not originate with us, they had a beginning in holiness. Sin is a terrible robber of that holiness and we are accountable for making choices either for morality or against it and following our own way. If you do not believe in the God of the Bible then certainly my values based on His word are meaningless to you. In one way or another we all seem to push our beliefs on others. Though I dont feel I am pushing mine, just stating what is fact to me. Fact based on something outside of myself. We can but shouldnt create our own moral systems simply based on what we think is ok. People like Angelina and Brad are huge examples to the public, and when they take what we can call tradition in the sense of moral decency and make it a convenient way to live bacause they want to then what message does that send? I certainly do not look to them as my moral compass. I believe in God because He has proven himself to me. His word is alive and His power and mercy are real. We all need rescuing from the wages of sin in this world. He offers it free and clear. But there is a change in what we view as right in this world. The worlds ways are not Gods ways. We all have free choice to believe what we want to believe. However, sometimes not believing does not make it so.

  • Jamie Cason-VanLuven

    At least she wears UNDERPANTS!!Got to give her Kudos !!

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