Sheryl Crow Makes Wyatt Giggle!

Sheryl Crow, 46, gives her adorable son Wyatt, 10-months a little tickle while shopping in Santa Monica on Friday. We’ve had a few Wyatt sightings recently, but we haven’t seen him out of his stroller in a while. Tell me his peace shirt and little camos aren’t the cutest?

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  • …………

    She does well to cover him when the paparazzi are just too many and too close though.
    I’ve seen a little film where there were at least 15 and they wwere getting in her space. And then they complained that she kept the baby covered.
    No wonder she moved and only returns to LA for work.
    That is one cutiepie boy!

  • Jailynn

    What a CUTE little boy!!!!

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