Jessica Alba & Cash Warren In L.A.

Pregnant Jessica Alba steps out of her SUV in Los Angeles yesterday with fiance Cash Warren, and decides she doesn’t want her picture taken. Alba, 26, was just in France for the premiere of her new move The Eye. The mom-to-be is expecting her first child late spring early summer, and according to Wikipedia Jessica has been learning Spanish during her pregnancy, and plans to speak only Spanish to her child once he or she is born.

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  • Carrie

    Why only Spanish?? Why not English *and* Spanish??

    There goes the beauty AND brains theory.

  • Just Saying

    She’s starting to annoy me from overexposure and saying weird stuff lately. Think before you speak Jessica.

  • Beth

    Yeah – this is the same woman who said she was ashamed of being Latino and now she thinks shes going to master the language enough in a few months to ONLY speak it to her child….Give me a break. I cant stand Jessica Alba, the more you read about things shes said the more you realize what a shallow, idiotic person she is.

  • Dea

    What is wrong with this girl?! talk about split personality attitude. 1 minute she posed for the pics the next minute she is Ms. Grumpy. She better realize she is no A list and apart from garbage coming out of her mouth, nobody pays attention to her. Please, get over yourself MISER-ALBA!!

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