Cindy Crawford And Her Mini-Me’s

Cindy Crawford’s kids, Presley and Kaia, are pictured during a premiere with their parents.

I new that Kaia was the spitting image of her Mother, but this close-up of Presley made me realize that he totally looks like Cindy too, except for the blond hair (where did that come from by the way ? Both Cindy and her husband are brown-haired?!)

Source : Enfants de Star

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  • Lisa

    omg—talk about spitting image! He’s a “beautiful boy”

  • nosoupforyou

    Beautiful daughters!

  • Lisa

    nosoupforyou-believe it or not, Presley is a boy!

  • Francesca

    OMG! He has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! Gorgeous!

  • suzan

    There was a time where I thought he was a she!
    He is gorgeous! Both of them are!

    and I also wonder where did the blond hair come from hehehe

  • poppy

    The blonde hair is dyed.

  • DropThePilot

    Beautiful kids from beautiful mom! It’s really wonderful that both of the kids are so beautiful!

  • Dea

    Poppy, why would she dyed her son’s hair? that’s kind of vein isnt it? I agree physically they look like a perfect family but read somewhere that Randy had affairs behind her back..if that’s true, what a shame.

  • Dea

    Oops, sorry I mean vain not vein..too early for me.

  • Carrie

    Haven’t you ever heard of children being “towheads” when they’re young and then as they age their hair turns darker?? You are some cynical people, geez.

    They are both beautiful children and I would kill for Presley’s eyelashes!

  • Rinoa

    Wow, they are gorgeous kids! I love when boys have long hair so I think he looks great!

  • Jen

    Both of my boys have light blond hair while my husband and I have very dark brown hair. Recessive genes are a powerful thing.

  • Linda

    Haha I have always aslo asked the same question,where does that blond hair comme from?

    And the boy is a spitting image of his mom! Not the girl,the girl is very beautiful and reminds of her mom but the boy has just her face.

    Beautiful kids,they are very blessed with good genes!

  • poppy

    Hmmm. I guess I always assumed it was dyed. And I’m not being cynical. The boy probably wanted his hair to be dyed. It probably wasn’t her. If it is dyed.

  • Rosa

    Some of you are real idiots. A child can take on characteristics from so many people that they are related to. It’s called DNA.

  • Dea


    Calling names really shows your maturity. Are you in 4th grade or something?

  • PtitePom

    @ poppy: I think it’s his natural color. Both my parents are brown-haired with a rather dark complexion, and I’m blonde with blue-grey eyes and fair skin. My bro and sis are brown-haired too, with fair skin.
    Genetics are weird ! 🙂

  • sunstarblaze

    beautiful kids but that comment in the article got me when it what said where did that blond hair come from both parents have brown hair. well I will have to say my ex-husband and I both have brown hair his dark mine light. our son had blond hair till he was three and than it started to turn brown now it is dark brown and our daughter was born with auburn hair lost all that grew in blond and still at 10 yrs old has dark blond hair blond brown and red hair run in my family so i am sure that they have people in their family that has blond hair.

  • gina

    cindy actually had blond hair when she was very young which, obviously darkened. that’s his natural color. take a look at his baby pics. foolish to think an intelligent women would dye her child’s hair. let’s be logical here. we’re talking about cindy crawford, not some random hollywood poptart.

  • Cathy

    Some of the comments here are so ignorant! Just because her son has blonde hair doesn’t mean that he might not be her husband’s son OR that his hair is dyed! Why would any intelligent parent dye their kid’s hair?! Kids can resemble grandparents, cousins, etc, and not necessarily be spitting images of their parents … duh!

  • Anonymous

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