Say Hello To Jada Ellie Lynch

Here are scans of Jada Ellie Lynch, Belgian tenniswoman Kim Clijsters’ daughter, taken from Dag Allemal magazine (cover previously posted).

She’s so precious, a real doll ! In that second pic, she kind of reminds me of Harlow Madden.

I may have Dutch roots but pretty please, don’t have me translate the article for you! Thanks!

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  • Francesca

    I would love to translate for you. My first language is Dutch…I was born in Holland and raised in Suriname (Dutch Guyana)…I am so thrilled to see this article on the site!

    The headline reads: “Jada is such a quiet baby…in that respect, she is absolutely just like her daddy.” Ü

  • DropThePilot

    She reminds me of Harlow, too! But to me she looks just like her mom (eyes & nose for sure!)

  • joss

    she’s so tiny

  • Lisa

    Cute baby!

  • Sarah

    those are my scans 🙂
    I translated the entire article to English and posted the translation on
    it’s a fan forum of Kim. Just go to Jada’s thread 😉
    she’s so cute!

  • Linda

    what a cutie!

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