Kim Clijsters Is A Big Sister!

Kim Clijsters, who is the mother of Jada since the end of February, became a big sister on Monday when her own Mom, Els Vandecaetsbeeck, 43, gave birth to a little Zeth. The baby boy, who was born prematurely (8 weeks before the due date) weighed 1,6kgs. He’s still in NICU.

It is reported that Els learnt she was pregnant shortly after her daughter. I wonder what Kim thinks of the situation. Her half-brother will be the same age as her daugther. I know it’s more and more frequent but I still find it kinda weird and awkward.  What do you think? How would you feel if your Mom was pregnant at the same time as you?

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  1. Rinoa

    I would be happy with my mom having a baby at the same time as me. Afterall, her mother is only 43 which really isn’t that old to be having a baby.

  2. Anne

    My daughter has an uncle that is 14 months younger than her! It wasn’t my mother, it was my boyfriends mother. We were not pregnant at the same time, either. Its a bit weird introducing everyone and stuff, but the more the merrier, I guess!

  3. BelgianExPat

    Wow, no wonder the relationship with her mother is strained these days. Poor Kim and Elke!

  4. Rinoa

    Whoa, I didn’t know all of that other crap going on in her life! I just hope that everyone in that family can find happiness and health. 🙂

  5. ice

    Didnt know about the playboy reputation of Els’ boyfriend. Didnt have a good impression of him when he spoke to the media about Lei’s illness despite the family wanting to keep it quiet.

    Anyhow, hope Els is happy this time round

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