Seal And His Girl

Seal picks up his daughter Leni from school on Friday. Little Leni looks more and more like her mom, model Heidi Klum every time I see her.

Photo: Flynet

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  1. Just Saying

    This is the cutest picture seriously! I never get tired of seeing pictures of this family.



  3. JADE

    What is wrong with you Katarina?
    How dare you say that’s not her daddy?
    he has been in her life since birth since heidi was 5 months pregnant he IS her DADDY the guy who knocked heidi up is her father and trust me there is a HUGE difference between being a dad who spend time and raises his kids and a father who just knocks a woman up and that’s all how dare you

  4. Linda

    I agree with you Jade. Katarina your comment is just stupid and mean. Who are you to say that he isn’t her father? He is the one who have been taking care of her, her whole life. Not her biological “father” – who should be ashamed of him self.
    Seal is her father, and always will be. They have the special band between them that her “real” father never can have with her. And thats all that matters. Seal takes care of her, Seal loves her, Seal is the only dad she has ever known about, and ever had, Seal IS her father.

  5. PtitePom

    People, pay no mind to her ! You know, caps and all…. They just come to criticize…

  6. devin

    God, what a racist idiot. Color doesn’t determine what makes a parent. Crawl back into your cave.

  7. Lisa

    Ok guys – we all know Seal is a great dad to Leni and all of his kids – like PtitePom said “pay no mind to her” She’s trying to start trouble and get people upset. Let’s put this debate to rest.

  8. Totally agree, they are a great family, always love seeing pictures of them, Heidi and Seal really know how to make it work. And people who want to discriminate and insult others should better find someplace else to go, or even better, learn to keep their mouths shut!

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