Halle & Her Little Black Dress

Halle Berry, who is due any day, did some shopping yesterday at ‘The Malibu Colony Company’. After that she went for lunch at the Allegria restaurant in Malibu. I’ll say it again, I think she looks great! She’s all belly–her ankles don’t show any signs of swelling (so not fair) My guess is that she’s having a girl.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. PtitePom

    Her flats look great, too !

  2. ivy

    im sorry but i dont think she looks cute. im sue it happens to everyone, but her face is so chubby, it doesnt even look like her.

  3. Rinoa

    Aww, she looks great here! I love the dress on her and those shoes are too cute! Much better than those pants.

  4. Linda

    the baby is gonna pop out eny day! If i didn’t knew that she’s expecting one child I would think that she was expecting twins..That stomach is really sticking out.She looks healthy and pregnant 🙂

  5. Jailynn

    Halle has had Baby GIRL!!!!!! 7lbs 4oz!!!!!This morning March 16th!

  6. I am so happy that this beautiful woman’s dreams are finally coming true. God bless Halle, Gabriel and their precious baby. With parents that beautiful, I can’t wait to see their georgeous little girl.

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