The Cox-Arquette Family Indulge In Bubbles & Watermelon

I really love Coco Arquette–she seems like a such little free spirit! Yesterday Coco attended a birthday party at Cold Water Park in LA. Looks like she had a blast eating watermelon and blowing bubbles with her parents, Courteney and David. I have to say, looking at these pictures makes me long for summer…I’m so, so sick of the cold weather!

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  • Linda

    She looks cuter and cuter every time I see pics of her, She is a free spirit.. haha every picture I see of her she couldent care less about the paparazzi. You go girl ! ;P

  • Linda

    “oh my”

    I bet she is more beautiful than YOU.

    Those who complain on others,are often times the one’s who feel bad about their own look..

  • tess

    I agree with you Linda.

    Coco is really cute, she is one of my favourite celeb kids.
    she really seems like a little free spirit, and very grown-up for her age.
    Every time I see pics of her, she looks very happy and cute.

  • I agree

    I have to agree unfortunately. Coco isn’t cute at all. She does kind of look like a duck

  • ivy

    i think shes cute. but im considering sending courtney a brush because i dont think she’s ever used one on coco’s hair.

  • Dea

    Is this the little girl that reportedly (by other blogs) curses like a sailor? NO WAY!! wow, that’s a free spirit for sure.

  • She’s a cutie, I wish I knew what kind of jeans she was wearing.

    I have the EXACT same sweater that Courtney is wearing. Well, probably not exactly cuz mine is from Old Navy and I’m sure hers isn’t. But it looks the same. Seriously.

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