Matilda Ledger Goes For A Scooter Ride

Cute picture of Matilda Ledger, 2, riding her scooter with her mom Michelle Williams in their Brooklyn, NY, neighborhood Sunday. Matilda has grown so much since I last saw her, and looks so much like her late father, actor Heath Ledger. More photos of their walk home at Popsugar.

Photo: INF

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  • PtitePom

    She’s just a mini-Heath! It’s amazing. Nice to see the girls ‘back on track’. They look beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    These two are my favorite. I could look at a post of them each and every day but also not because I cannot imagine how annoying it is to watch out for lurking photographers every time you leave the house– anyway, love the Michelle posts, she is a great mom and Matilda is adorable.

  • NNN

    Happy Birthday Matilda! You’re special day is three days after mine.

    I just think it is so interesting that you and your mommy, who are private people, have probably had more pictures taken than the celebrities who work so hard at getting all the attention.

    While I fully understand you are entitled to your privacy, I do love seeing you grow into a beautiful little girl, Matilda. No surprise, though. After all, you do come from gorgeous genes.

  • She is the most adorable child, ever!

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