Angelina & Brad – It’s A Boy And A Girl!

Back in January, Star magazine reported that Angelina was expecting twins, now In Touch reports they are not only having twins – but a boy and a girl!

Angelina had an ultrasound done Friday by Dr. Jason Rothbart – the same ob-gyn, that delivered Shiloh in Namibia, Africa. Ange wants him to deliver the twins, even if she gives birth in France. “It means a lot to her to deliver her babies with him, no matter where in the world she gives birth,” says a friend.

A source tells the magazine, “Because she took fertility treatments to help her ovulate, her babies are fraternal. They’re ecstatic. She can’t wait.”

I’m believing this– what do you guys think?

Source: In Touch via Just Jared

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  1. DropThePilot

    I just hope there won’t be a bad turn for Britney because of that jackass. She’s doing so good now!

  2. Linda

    Britney Spears:
    Good now” ?? She needs to get a grip! Im sorry but she is an adault with 2 kids ..And I understand that she has problems and I feel sorry for her because of the paparazzi is always fallowing her..But why did she get prgnant 2 times when things wasnt going so well for her and “k-fed” even befor she got pregnant (you can’t forse and briwe someone to love you,and k-fed never loved her)..And now she is together with a paprazzi,She probably knew that he was using her for mony and fame.. after all he is a paprazzi,His job is to find out news about celebs.
    Sorry for sounding so hateful.. But I dont understand how she can think her behavior is okey,and she has a problem but why doesn’t she get some help.

    Angelina Jolie :
    And Yes I think she is having twins too 😛

  3. Me

    Humm I would never have guessed they were fraternal twins since they are boy girl. What a dumb comment.

  4. moore

    I don’t think she’s having twins. If so then she must be early on. I’ve seen twin bumps and thats not one. She seems way small. I will be shocked if it is though.

  5. Dea

    Oh this is In Touch we are talking about, talk about some reliable source. I wont believe anything until the baby(ies) come/s out.

  6. Lisa

    @me – I agree that comment about a boy and girl being fraternal was stupid…

    @Dea – I know it’s In Touch, and they’re not known for reporting confirmed news like US and People, but they aren’t always wrong…It’s a wait and see 🙂

  7. gia

    talk about lucky…i wonder why some people have everything & others have nothing. still, good luck to them & i hope they appreciate everything they have…she looks a bit small in the belly though to be having twins. sometimes she looks so skinny that she doesnt even look like she can sustain her own body nevermind 2 fetuses in addition to that.

  8. Tracy

    I have fraternal twins, boy/girl. She does not look like she’s carrying 2 to me, but she was so skeletal before, maybe. I doubt it though. She needs to put on LOTS more weight if she is carrying 2.

  9. TW

    Obviously they are fraternal twins. The only other option would be identical – developed from a single egg that splits during gestation. Which of course could never produce different sex children.

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