Nicole Kidman Arrives In Byron Bay

Nicole Kidman arrives at Byron Bay and is greeted by husband Keith Urban. Keith is in town to play ‘The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival’. Urban hits the stage tonight at 8:45pm.

Photos: Flynet

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  • alfalfa

    Look how she is posing for the cameras. I wonder if she had her trainer and bodyguard beat up the paps after they got in the car. Did she make this dress out of curtains from an Aboriginal home?

  • Janie

    They are a great looking couple! Keith is hot!

  • ionic

    Just the other day two photographers got beaten by her bodyguard and trainer!! Now shes smiling and waving at them? What a hypocrite!

    Does anybody know how those two guys she had beaten up are doing?

  • anon

    is there any way to find out what label her dress is?

  • Erin

    Doesn’t it look like she is flipping off the paps in that first shot? A subtle flipping off, but still… Can’t say that I blame her.

  • Amy

    why didn’t she go up with Keith? Why did she have to fly up separately? She doesn’t seem to go out of her way to spend anymore time on the road with Keith then she has to. Or maybe she just didn’t want to take the time to spend with Keith’s family. Ironic how the paps just happen to be there when she lands. And no, she’s not flipping them off. She’s smiling right at them.

  • Bluezy

    I think she looks very old lately. Old, pale and tired. The dress doesn’t help much either.

  • Lisa

    I think the whole incident with her body guard the other day was horrible…I know they paps can be annoying, low lifes, etc…but the guy didn’t deserve what happened to him Nicole is totally being fake in the pictures, and Keith wasn’t happy the photogs were there…although someone gave them a lead?? I don’t think she’s as sweet as people think.

  • Carrie

    Gosh Amy. Hate much? You’re taking this a bit too personal, you know? Maybe she has her reasons for doing what she does and doesn’t feel the need to explain herself to people such as yourself.

    I’m not a big fan of hers myself, but maybe she had a doctor’s appointment and he had to rehearse which is why she didn’t go with him. She’s not glued to him, after all.

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    Well, I see she’s got the receding hairline again….and the three colors of hair. What a bad dye job. Her ends are really dark and her roots are white. Gray.

    I still don’t see a bump. She tried to show everyone there is one with that weird string around her hips, but if she’s 6 months pregnant, then I’m Carrie Underwood.

  • Amy

    Bluezy, she looks old and pale lately? what are you on? Nicole Kidman is actually, probably the palest celeb out there, lol. She has been pale all her life. As for looking old lately, are we looking at the same pictures? she makes younger women look old and puts most women her age to shame. She is going to be 41 in just 3 months and looks about a decade younger. Look at her, beautiful skin, beautiful legs and that face is immaculate. I guess this is what happens when one doesn’t tan oneself to oblivion but keep the skin covered, the body and mind fit and healthy. If I look as she does when I get to her age, I will be very happy. I saw pics of her at the beach on Tuesday and she could have stepped out of Vogue for Godsakes. Let’s have some honesty, she looks absolutely fabulous. Good for her. She has never looked better than she has in the past year and now especially now, in recent months.

    As for her not going with Keith at the same time, why should she? you know what she was doing at home while he went off to work? you know if she had a doctor’s appointment or needed to see one of her carers for her condition? You know if there were some things she needed to see to at their home or family members she needed to help before going to Byron Bay? She doesn’t need to be sewn to his hips everywhere he goes.

    Yes, she can wave and acknowledge the Australian paparazzi once in a while, unlike their US colleagues, most of them have and use a bit of commonsense when taking pics and are usually very polite. They don’t get beaten up for being irritating unlike US paparazzi who think they can do anything they want.

    Good luck to both of them, they are very beautiful and wonderful people. She looks to be enjoying her pregnancy and that is joyful to see. Hope they had a ball at his show, she was a wonderful presence at his Anaheim show last week.

  • Keith fan

    Speaking of American vs Australian paparazzi, wasn’t it an Aussie restuarant that Keith and his wife were coming out of when Keith yelled at the photogs-“You’ve got your shots, my wife is afraid for her life……calm down….” First time I’ve seen him loose his cool, that’s all.

  • alfalfa

    Amy at 10:39 – her skin and face is not immaculate naturally. She use to be loaded with freckles all over her body. Her skin and face is bought and paid for! She also had a doctor’s appointment with Keith a few days ago, so that isn’t an excuse either. She made sure to call the paps for that outing as well.

  • ivy

    i like the dress too

  • lisa

    dress and shoes are ugly. REALLY ugly. she shouldn’t dress herself.

  • Carrie

    Wow. Alfalfa. Do you need a towel to wipe the foam from your mouth?

    Are you sure she couldn’t have had some other appointment?? You’ve got it worse for her than Amy @ 9:54.

    Relax. 😉

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    Oh how nice to see all the Bunnies and Monkeys here!

  • Anonymous

    @Not Buying it….which one would that make you?

  • Bluezy

    I still think she looks old, pale and tired. Just my opinion. Your entitled to yours as well Amy. 😉

  • Caroline

    The Keith fanatics/Nicole haters are out in full force, it seems. She has a right to be happy AND smiling even if some lowlife scumbag paparazzo got a black eye when he got too invasive.

    Why should she feel sorry for him, by the way? Did he feel sorry for her when he was stalking her even though she is pregnant?

  • Bluezy

    I think it’s mostly the hair. Makes her look haggard or something…and she’s got this cold insensitive look about her.

  • Devin

    They are allso hypocritical. The use the paps and the press to publicize what they want and then expect them not to be around for other things. Nicole is the worst oppotunist, everyone cricizes Katie Holmes, yet this pasty face blood sucker gets a free walk. She married Tom for career oppotunities and now she is like everyones darling because her antiquated body is with child. Once an enterprising woman always an enterprising woman. Amazing how when her movies start to bomb one after the other she decides to have a baby.

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    At least Katie has a cute baby. And she is mom to Nicold’s “adopted” children.

  • Tiff

    she’s got a case of the zombie-hands in the third pic! lol

  • Dea

    Jeebuz..forget Nicole the Botoxed face, this is the most interesting thread I have ever read so far!! Most of the posts are so “vanilla” and I think it’s good that people have different opinions.

  • tash

    Alfalfa you are bitter but funny…the dress is absolutely an unfortunate hybrid of Aboriginal home and curtain.

  • Tahin

    Of course she looks old… she can’t get botox injections while being pregnant. *giggle* But I agree… her outfit is not really flattering.

    I always wonder what strong feelings all these people seem to have about celebrities they don’t know in person. Wake up – when will you people realize that all of us are manipulated by the media? Of course you can judge their outfits or behaviour in public, but to speculate about people’s intentions, personal feelings or what’s going on behind the scenes is just ridiculous (referring to comments on why she married Cruise and if or if not she is taking care of their adopted children). Besides, celebrities don’t have to please everyone and you should accept this. Care for your own life and calm down. 😉

  • Anonymous

    As I sit here and read through all of these’s post I can’t believe what I am reading. I know that most of you are more than likely Mom’s yourself or maybe going to be a Mother someday and the things that each one of you have said about someone else is ruthless!! What right do any of you have to pass such judgement as this to someone that you don’t even know? An old saying that I was always told, ” IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE ABOUT SOMEONE, THEN PLEASE DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL” Nicole is a person with feelings just as you and I are, and we need to respect that, as well as our feeling are respected. Can’t everyone just accept the fact that she is going to have a baby and for God’s sake leave the woman alone. What about Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, all the other women who have had babies and the women who were in their 40’s and some in their 50 who have had babies did they get the 3rd degree like Nicole is getting? What about the women who are in their late 40’s, early 50’s that have babies for their daughters who are unable to have children, they don’t go through the hell that Nicole is going through so please think about the comments that you choose to leave that other people read and how it effects people. Yes, you have the freedom of speech, however, bashing Nicole and Keith in my opinion is showing how disrespectful you are to another human not freedom of speech. Lets all be nice to each other and stand united, she is just a beautiful woman having a baby which is a blessing from God. Which I’m sure everyone is thankful for somewhere in there life. I know I am. I have a beautiful daughter. She is my blessing. I hope Keith & Nicole have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and many more. Lets all wish them the best. I also think Nicole is beautiful. Even when she isn’t pregnant. I wish her & Keith nothing but many years of love, and happiness and a house full of children. Love to them both from a very dear fan!!!! Nashville, TN

  • Devin

    She sold her kids to Tom.

  • Anonymous

    Did you not read the comment above yours!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devin

    You are obviously a fan who has no perspective when it comes to this sorry example of a mother. So, your comment does not change my opinion of her she sold the kids to Tom for a health divorce settlement. That makes her low and vile. Now she’s constantly pushing or patting on her stomach because she is so happy to be a mother, please!

  • Devin

    Oops, whenever you see a written diatribe that’s over a couple of sentences people tend to gloss over it and chalk you up as being a fanatic who has no respect for others varying opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole never sold her children to Tom. Prove it! For you to say something so harsh about another person you must not be a very respectful person yourself. Look up the divorce settlement info and see what Mr. Tom got, he got alot more than Nicole ever dreamed of getting. The information is out there, get your facts correct before you start saying things that are not true, “That can get someone in BIG TROUBLE”. Leave things well enough alone. Have a nice evening!!!!!

  • Devin

    Okay! Okay! You win! Nicole is the most perfect mother in the world. She spends all kinds of wonderful time with her two adopted children. She doesn’t neglect them, and she didn’t just leave them with a man most people fear. Tom is a crazed control freak and those people make the best parents. It says so much about her that her children doesn’t live with her. She really fought Tom on this, she had him in court fighting for the right to be with her children.

  • Anonymous

    Your right! She is a wonderful Mother and who are you or anyone to pass judgement on anyone’s parenting? And yes she does spend alot of quality time with her two children, if you would get your facts correct before you start passing judgement you would know how there time is shared between the two parents. Funny how everyone is so concerned about Nicole and her relationship with her kids and are so eager to run her in the ground when they probably need to clean up at there own back door. Come on, she is finally happy, with a real man that is deeply in love with her and her with him. Let this beautiful couple live in peace and have this baby that is a blessing from God which all children are ( NO MATTER WHICH PARENT THEY RESIDE WITH ) and find something else nice to say! This beautiful world would be so much better off. Maybe before this is all over, we could have nice conversation!!!!! I’m hoping for a little girl, what about you Devin? Will talk with you tomorrow, have a nice day! Be Sweet, I’m sure you can be!!!!

  • Devin

    You are an idiot! Nicole married Tom for career opportunities, so, whatever unhappiness she endured during thier marrige she brought upon herself. You attack me for not knowing her, unless you are affiliated with her in some way other than as a fan, you don’t know her either. As for her being deeply in love, you know this because the two of you are so intimate, good for her, her first marriage was enterprised so now that the ice queen has Tom’s money from the divorce settlement and the metaphorical selling of the children she can be happy with her bio baby and druggie husband. Now the witch can be happy because she can escape the fake life she fabricated with Tom and the children.

    Nicole has stated that she spent too much time away from her two children doing fillms. She even spoke of regretting it. So, harp on all you want you lunatic about how wonderful she is. Tom is made to be a devil and Katie is accused of marrying for money, how quickly people forget that Nicole was the original Katie Holmes. A man can only do to you what you let them do and she wanted to be Mrs. Tom Cruise and she sold herself into it and then when it ends she portrays herself as the victim. Yes, she was a victim all the way to the bank.

    As a though have you ever wondered why her films don’t make any money. People can see through her little miss innocent bull. This is my last post on this because frankly I’m tired of reading your nonsensical rants.

    I have just as much of a right to trash her as you do to idolize her. And since were all working on assumptions here, my assumption is that she has abandoned her two children.

  • Anonymous

    Now Devin, I am not an IDIOT as you have accused me of being! I am a very smart and intelligent woman, and yes I am not only a fan but someone who knows Nicole. And it seems that your buttons have been pushed. I think if you were to research all of your statements you would find them to be false. There is ways of getting to the truth of someone’s history. Now, Nicole didn’t use Tom to build her career as you are claiming. Again, get your facts together, correct and take the time to learn something about her. Her career started long before MR. Tom even came along. That will put closer on this. Also, yes Nicole has spent alot of time away from her kids while filming. But do you know who the kids really live with? They don’t live with Tom & Katie at all. They live with Tom’s Mother & Sister, so him & Katie and don’t forget Suri can travel the world. The kids don’t even travel with Tom & Katie nor do they live with them. I wouldn’t think Tom should be Father of the Year. So, I don’t think I should be called a lunatic not so fast. Also, there’s record of how much Nicole rec’d from her divorce and you can look it up. Tom was the one laughing all the way to the bank. I’m just stating facts my dear. It’s nice to know that you want post anymore, at least there’s one person not trashing anymore.

  • Anon

    You are a psycho!

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m not a PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m someone who has there facts straight before they start posting!

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