Kalina Celebrates Son’s 1st Birthday In Her Home Country

Bulgarian Princess Kalina returns to her homeland to celebrate her son Simeon’s 1st birthday. The little one was born in Sofia last year but the family is now based in Spain (Dad Kitin Muñoz is a spanish humanitarian). Since Simeon Hassan was the first member of the Bulgarian royal family to be born in his homeland for 70 years, Princess Kalina thought it would be nice to return to the Eastern European country to celebrate that special event.

Note : Before you guys ask, the Princess suffered a severe respiratory infection and had to have some tissue of her nose removed.

Source : Hello

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  • Anonymous

    he is so adorable!!

  • That is a beautiful boy, and he looks so much like his mother. Good for her, bringing him back to introduce him to the culture. It’s such a shame when they’re rootless like Athina Roussell, who can’t even speak Greek.

  • Krasimira Hechler

    Moiata BULGARIA…
    Mnogo ztdrave i hubavo detstvo pojelavam na MALIAT BALGARIN.


    Cool! I’m Bulgarian, too and I really like seeing Bulgarian celebrities on this site. Kalina is a very beautiful woman and the boy is just gorgeus! They are waering our traditional clothes and I can assure all of you the whole royal family speaks Bulgarian.
    But there are more and more famous people with kids in Bulgaria. I shall try and send some pics of them…

  • Linda

    What a gorgeous boy! He is soo cute,and look at those intense brown beautiful eyes.

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