Bridget & John Out For A Walk

Bridget Moynahan pushes little John, 7-months, around her neighborhood in a stroller yesterday. He’s getting so big…what a cutie.

Photos: Flynet

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  • sin verguenza

    Oh God

    That child is so beautiful physically the same as his father

  • suzan

    I agree! His father is a hottie!
    The baby is getting more beautiful and the mommy thinner and gorgeous!

  • JLS

    The baby may be cute like his dad but lets hope he has more heart than his dad. Why is it that we never see his “dad” taking him for a walk. Just a thought. Bridget is a great Mom. Keep it up!

  • Sammy

    JLS, stop it already with that crap! Tom Brady is doing the best he can living 3000 miles away from his son (her choice to move). That baby is adorable just like his Daddy. Baby John does not resemble his mother just a little bit. Tom is a hottie, I agree and John is a cutie. I am willing to bet Tom and son will bond when he is a bit older.

  • Not Cool

    Them are some nasty nasty pale legs! Yuck, but them away Bridget, not a good look for you. The baby is cute and looks like Tom for sure. I agree, we have no idea how often Tom sees John, but if it weren’t often or at all something tells me that Bridget would let that out indirectly. She hates him since he fell in love so fast with Gisele and she would surely go for the jugular if that was true. Tom does not flaunt John out in public when he sees him. He is a pretty dignified and classy guy and does not want the paps to invade his sons life. He seems to be about protecting him. Meanwhile Bridget poses on tabloids and calls the paps ahead of time to make sure her picture is taken. She uses that kid for her own gain, not cool!

  • Carrie

    @Not Cool…and you know all that how?? Spare me. Unless you have her phones tapped, you really have no proof for those ridiculous claims, now do you?

  • Dea

    Wow, Bridget looks fantastic!

  • nosoupforyou

    Bridgett looks great.

    She is flaunting her son? What the h-ll is she supposed to do, keep him inside all of the time? How about a blanket over his face like Michael Jackson?

    John’s mother has behaved in a dignified way once “classy” Tom dropped his pregnant girlfriend.

    As for Tom seeing his son, I’m sure he does and will even spend more time with him as he’s older.

    John looks just like his daddy.

  • Skangela

    i don’t think this kid is as handsome as everyone is making him out to be…cute? ok, but he’s not exactly going to land a Gerber Baby Ad. i’m assuming you all are saying this bcs you are prob big tom brady fans. i’m a fan of neither mom nor dad, but no matter how you spin it, bridgette has handled this in a very classy manner. the challenge of being a SINGLE MOM is no easy feat. you all know how emotionally challenging it can be to care for a small child, i’m sure it is even more of a roller coaster when during throws of post partum you know that “daddy” is out whining, dining, & bar hopping with Giselle.

    why did eddie murphy get a bad rap for doing almost the same thing but tom doesn’t???

    answer: bcs tom is “hot” and a pro sports player!

    SAD, SAD, SAD!!!

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