Scoop Du Jour: How Nicole Kidman Spent Easter

Nicole Kidman who is expecting her first child, spent Easter Sunday practicing her parenting skills.

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  1. Megs

    just curious where are Nicole’s kids, from her marriage with Tom? There is so much talk about her being pg, but no photos of late w/ her children. Where were they for Easter? Do Scientologists celebrate that as a holiday?? Anyone know?

  2. Devin

    Yes, it is a curiosity, she seems to get herself photographed with any child except her own.

  3. Linda

    The kids live with Tom right? I don’t think she is so close with the kids as Tom is..And she has said that they call her Nicole and NOT mom,They call Katie mom instead :O .. such mean kids!

  4. Carmen G.

    I’m sure they call Katie “mom” b/c that’s what Tom makes them call her. And since Nicole opted out of that marriage, she’s been relegated to her current role in their lives.

    Imagine how that makes her feel. No wonder she’s over the moon being pregnant.

  5. Nicole didn’t “opt out of her marriage” Tom left her and in Nicole’s own words it was a shock and
    devastating for her. I’m not a fan of Tom’s but don’t mess with the facts. She willing marriad and him and said in interviews after it was out they were divorcing that she had wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.
    Nicole is no victim, get real.

  6. Carmen G.

    Wait, in the first part of your comment, you say that she was devastated and shocked that Tom left her. Then you close with “Nicole is no victim”. You’re contradicting yourself.

    Alright, “opt out” was a bad choice of words on my part, so – my bad.

    Isn’t this discussion about the kids not being around Nicole?? I was addressing the writer above my comment as to why I think the kids call Katie “mom” and not Nicole. To know that your own children won’t call you mom or who knows – maybe their father doesn’t even encourage them to be around you, of course that can’t be easy on Nicole. That was my point.

  7. Pam

    Maybe if she would stay in the US for more than 2 weeks, it might help.

    Why didn’t she spend the holiday with her husband? She’s able to fly to Melbourne for the Australian open, but not to see her husband perform? I guess this was a better photo-op.

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