Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson Spend Easter Together

Tommy Lee spends Easter Sunday with his ex-wife Pamela Anderson and their two boys, Brandon, 11, and Dylan, 10. They went to the movies and had lunch at ‘Geoffrey’s’ in Malibu.

Pamela’s marriage to Rick Salomon was annulled today on the grounds of fraud.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Carmen G.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think these two boys are going to grow up to be two of the most screwed up boys in Hollywood. Their mom is a skank, and their father (who wasn’t bad looking in his pre-tattoo days) is disgusting.

    When will Pam realize you don’t have to marry every one of your boyfriends?

    Now to say something nice, I saw Pam on Ellen’s show last week and she was kind of funny. She was talking about how she didn’t know her type and Ellen replied, “Clearly”.

  • Dea

    I second your opinion Carmen. She changes boyfriends more often than her panties. These 2 boys will need a lot of therapy when it comes to relationship issues.

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