Marcia Celebrates Her Birthday At The Park

One things for sure — we can always count on cute pictures of Marcia Cross and her twins – Eden (pink hat) and Savannah (purple hat) at the park. Yesterday in celebration of Marcia’s 46th birthday, the trio along with a nanny visited a local park in Santa Monica.

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  • Andi

    Is it just me or does it seem like every single marcia cross post is the same? Do we need one every day?

  • Lisa

    @Andi, there are a lot of Marcia posts, but we try to post all the latest pictures that we can. It was Marcia’s b-day, plus she’s always out & the paparazzi know where to find her easily. Although it does seem like the same post over & over, there are lots of readers who enjoy seeing the twins, what they’re wearing..etc. We always try to have a variety of photos, but it really is a day to day thing…today happens to be a so called “slow photo” day 😉

  • JoVa

    let the pics come over and over again …. here in Santa Monica we love to see how beautiful these little ones are blooming … we love how they dress and we love see Marcia having a good time with them …. thanks for posting and charing the fun ….

  • Daria

    More, please! Seeing Marcia, Tom and their babies is such a lovely retreat, especially after a bad day.

  • Lora in Kentucky

    Yes we need one EVERYDAY. I love this family. So happy together and so good to see a mum and her babies having fun. She is so hands on. Maybe the park is really close to their house and they just get them outside for a while there. Quit hating.

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