Hisahito, The Next Emperor

Prince Hisahito, who will turn 2 in september, is pictured in the arms of his Mom, Princess Kiko. He is the son of Prince Akishino, the Japan emperor’s younger son. The little boy has two older sisters, Princess Mako (16) and Princess Kako (13).

Prince Hisahito is the first heir born to the world’s oldest hereditary monarchy in nearly 41 years, standing third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne after Crown Prince Naruhito, 46, the emperor’s eldest son, and his 40-year-old father.

Source : Hola

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  • Linda

    What a cutie! I have a feeling he will get/ are spoiled 😛
    I love the royal family pics and news,its great.

  • Thank you for this information on Prince Hisahito. As you rightly pointed out, he is third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Therefore, tragedy forbid, he will not be the “next Emperor”. He has to wait for his turn which will come after his uncle’s and his father’s death.

  • Natsu

    Awww~ thank u!
    I really love the japanese royal family.
    Hisahito is a cutie!
    I was hoping for Princess Aiko as the next and “first” Empress, but now Hisahito is here~
    Love him, too.

  • Tsushima

    Hisahito is a very lovely prince. I hope that he will be a great emperor. God Save The Emperor!! & God Save H.I.H. Prince Hisahito!!

  • olivia

    thanks 4 information about prinve hisahito… i like prince hisahito.

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