Jennifer Lopez’s £150k Baby Gift

Jennifer Lopez’s husband Marc Anthony has given her a £150,000 8-carat diamond ring to celebrate the arrival of their twins, Max and Emme on February, 22.

‘Jennifer wasn’t expecting such a generous gift,’ a source tells the New York Daily News. ‘But Marc wanted to give her something to remember the day by.’

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  1. I just read the people article with Jlo and Skeletor and the twins. It made me angry…and usually I’m very gentle with how I view other moms, since I would hate to be judged myself-we are all doing our best! But first of all their cribs look like baby death-traps, full of fluffy-ruffly bedding, metal rungs and a million stuffed toys. It must be fake “staged” nursery? She can’t possibly be that out of the loop? Then she has TWO full time nannies (but they insist on doing “most” of the baby care themselves?) and then the piece that describes how she decided to not breastfeed…she read and found out what would be best for them?!?! Really? And now somehow we, the general public find out about this “gift”? C’mon! It just feels so over the top and phony. It makes me feel uneasy.

  2. ivy

    why are they skinned alive? that doesnt seem right. they could atleast bang them in the head with hammer first to kill them…..some people are so cruel.

  3. liz

    they do more to them than skin them alive,its the worst torture.
    visit if you dont believe me
    they have videos
    and jennifer lopez has seen them all yet she still wears fur
    she is a horrible human being

  4. Linda

    Oh my god,I thaugt I was the only one who felt like this about Jennifer,about the fur thing. I cant belive that she is wearing fur WHEN she KNOWS what they do to the animals.Im not a peta fan either because they are extremist,I belive that you can eat meat its the nature,it has been like this for thousands of years,and know all the sudden its wrong to eat meat? NO.And to own Ptes its okey too,because we give them love,food,and caring.. I dont get how peta thinks when they want all the animals “free”. But to kill animals for FUR?! Thats just insaine,and aspecilly when you can by fake fur if you REALLY want fur.

    Karma will get Jennifer.

  5. Dina

    That fur thing actually is the worst thing about her (and about other celebs like Beyoncé as well), because by this, you can tell that they lack of compassion and benevolence. They are not grounded in reality and think they tower above life (and most of these fur-wearing people claim they are Christian – what kind of Christians are they to reject any respect for God’s creatures?). Disgusting. 🙁

    Anyway, she’s living in her own sick world, and I feel sorry for her children, as they’ll grow up with a totally distorted view of life and reality. I’m glad there are other celeb families who actually (apparently) manage to give their children a down-to-earth education, despite having a lot of money.

    Yes, Karma will HOPEFULLY get her.

  6. Belky

    So she claims her babies came naturally and she didn’t have invitro. A 38-year old woman who said she tried to get pregnant for 3 years, and then suddenly through a miracle has twins. There are too many celebrities in Hollywood having twins as it is, but JLO is special and perfect and way above women who have a hard time conceiving.

    She puts herself so way above others that she expects people to believe her. No wonder in People magazine she was feeding her baby a bottle in an evening gown with diamond jewelry on.

  7. Dea

    You can get the girl out of the Ghetto but you cant get the Ghetto out of the girl! The more words coming out of her mouth the stupider she sounds. “the best thing for the babies is by formula fed them”, I am curious which books she read..most probably nursing-your-baby-for dummies.

  8. Dea

    Wow, somebody is really sensitive. Anon, if you have seen some of the footages on how they treat the animals to get the fur, you would change your view. In getting meat and leather, there is a standard process and no, I dont think they are as barbaric as obtaining fur..but if you do have proof as in how leather and meat are obtained, I am all ears. Oh, by the way, if you are man/womanly enough dont hide under the ANON name. It just shows how cowardly you are.

  9. liz

    I have been a vegan for 8 years.
    I am a very passionate animal rights activist.
    if anyone thinks fur is OK ,then they are WRONG.
    there is NO justification to wearing fur.
    if you wear fur and know how the animals are killed for it,then you are selfish and plain old stupid.
    animals are raised for meat in factory farms,where they are kept in cramped cages ,they are tortured their whole lives,babies are taken away from their mothers , the people who work at factory farms are pure evil,they can get away with anything. dont believe me???
    look at the peta videos .

    bottom line


  10. Anon

    Dea, please, before you start cricizing and judging people you should take the time to look up the facts yourself. The responsibity to be fully informed before you speak shows intelligence, which you have proven is lacking from your comments. I’ve seen how fur, meat, and animal skin clothing is processed. If you can justyify eating meat then you have no right to criticize someone for wearing fur. Afterall, killing an animal for food or clothing leaves a dead animal. I’m no coward, I could care less about what someone like you think about my comments.

  11. liz

    ANON just because someone eats meat doesn’t mean that makes it ok to wear fur too!!

    animals tortured and killed for meat go through just as much torture as
    the animals tortured and killed for fur.

    animals in factory farms go through all kinds of torture,one factory worker described how he cut a pigs snout off with a knife then took a handful of salt and rubbed it into the screaming pigs bloody snout.

  12. Linda


    there is a BIG diffrense for eating meat and to wear fur.Fur is something you DON’T need.Meat on the otherhand you doo need,Can you explain how we humans have killed animals for the meat for thausends of years ( that explains that,thats how nature goes) and now its wrong? And if you really belive its wrong to kill animals for the meat, what are you (a.k.a peta) gonna do about the lions who kills for meat? or all of the other animals who kill other animals for food.

  13. Linda

    hahaha liz was that all you could comme with? You call that mature? First of all,When you eat meat you dont get fat,you should try to eat some and see how there is no prob with eatíng it,it wont kill you.

    But of course you have no ansver for the things I askded you about. (on 15)

  14. Linda

    You’r really muture,you know?…

    It dosn’t matter where AND how they are braught up,This is how the nature goes.I don’t think its okey to kill them in a tourture way,I havn’t said that either.All I’m saying its that there is wrong to kill animals for fur,That is something you don’t need,and there is something as fake fur too,so there is absolutly no reason to kill and tourture them.But to kill them for meat,that is something diffrent.(but in a harmless way)

  15. Linda

    And you can’t “draw everybody on a brush” as we say in sweden.If you didn’t understood that,It means that just because some few farmers are cruel and treat the animals in a cruel way doesn’t it mean that EVERY farmer does that.

  16. Dea

    @Anon, if you really dont care about me commenting then why did you respond? and I did ask you to show me the proof in my last post and that “I am all ears” so that shows I am willing to hear your side of the story instead of you ranting like a lunatic accusing me having lack of intelligence. Please, just calm down..people are all entitled to have their opinions and can agree to disagree but doesnt mean you have to shove it up my throat, that is called maturity.

  17. Alina

    Woah, guys. Seriously. What’s with all the name calling? I eat meat, I don’t wear fur. I feel wearing fur is cruel but I also feel the human body is designed to eat meat. Look at our teeth. They would not be that way if we weren’t designed to eat meat.

    That being said, I 100 percent respect people’s decisions to be vegan or vegetarian. It is their choice. I’m not going to judge someone for their decisions. Why is it necessary to be so judgemental?

  18. I think it is very sweet, these are Lopez’s fist kids after all.
    She should be very proud of her marriage with Antony.


  19. Ria

    so liz vegans and veggies dont get cancer or heart attacks????

  20. liz

    did i say that?
    of course they can,anyone can,but when you eat meat and dairy ,your risk is higher.


  21. Carrie

    Don’t you think you all can prove your points and not regress to kindergarten and call each other names? My goodness, grow up!

    And BTW, some of you seem to have forgotten that the original post was about a $150K gift, not whether she wears fur or eats meat.

  22. Wow- this was an inflammatory post! I just wanted to say that it was good he bought her an 8 carat diamond ring “to remember the day by” because I’m betting those two babies aren’t enough of a reminder exactly what happened… lol!

    I’m not opposed to getting a gift after giving birth, but perhaps it’s better to say it’s to congratulate her on the birth or to thank her for having his kids, but “to remember the day?” Uh, I hope she has more than that….

  23. Alina

    um why aren’t these comments being monitored? I thought posts that were as rude as these are get deleted. . .
    Alina — trust me, we are moderating the comments, this thread took off in a different direction, and turned into a heated debate. That’s fine, you all have the right to agree and disagree, but liz was continually rude, and insulting to both readers and the editors. She is no longer allowed to post comments on the site. Lisa

    liz, grow up. people disagree. that’s life. you feel they are wrong they feel you are wrong . . . no one is going to change because of something written on a celebrity baby gossip website.

  24. Nicky

    Seriously Liz. i think you need to calm down, like Alina said, people have different opinions, give it up and do your own thing. you’re not going to convince anyone here veganism is the way to go by swearing and calling them names

  25. Carrie

    liz sweetie,

    You need a xanax. Or thirty.

    And you should really learn how to spell if you’re going to insult people, because the only one that looks like an idiot, darling, is you.


  26. Anonymous

    Dear anon,
    you’re an idiot.

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