Nicole’s Early Morning Workout

Mom-to -be Nicole Kidman is pictured leaving the gym Thursday morning in Sydney, Australia. Nicole, who is expecting her first child in July with husband Keith Urban — enjoyed some sunshine and R&R at Maroubra Beach, yesterday afternoon.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Ja

    Where is she hiding this baby of hers?

  2. liz

    all she ever does is exercise!
    cant she just lay back and enjoy gaining weight for her baby!!!!!

  3. Dina

    Why? The baby can gain weight on its own. 😉 It’s not really fun for a woman to gain body weight (fat) apart from the baby’s weight + amniotic fluid weight, is it? All Nicole should do is keep an eye on her own body weight, but she does not look like she has lost body mass.
    There is nothing wrong with exercising during one’s pregnancy as long as you’re used to it, and hey – some people actually enjoy being active! 😀 It definitely makes the delivery easier for the woman.

  4. Pam

    Plenty of women exercise while pregnant, but they still gain weight. Kidman shows no sign of weight gain. That’s not healthy either.

  5. DropThePilot

    Yeah, most of the time I see pictures of her, I think that all she’s doing 24/7 is exercising. It startes to get boring 😛

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