Nieves Alvarez Twins

Spanish model Nieves Alvarez poses with her twins, Bianca (girl, left) and Brando (boy, right), born November 12, 2007. They have a big brother, Adriano, who will 3 in June. Dad is italian photographer Marco Severini.

Source: Hola

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  1. nosoupforyou

    They are beautiful. Boy & Girl? You never know these days with the names.

  2. PtitePom

    @ nosoupforyou : Yes, boy and girl! 🙂

  3. liz

    i cant tell which is the boy and which is the girl

  4. PtitePom

    Well, unless little boys wear dresses, Bianca is on the left, brando on the right 😉

  5. liz

    oh i couldnt even tell what they were wearing until you said that lol

  6. PtitePom

    It’s ok liz, it was just a detail!

  7. Dea

    Beautiful babies and insanely gorgeous mommy! check out those cheekbones.

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