Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Married?!

Star magazine claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who is pregnant – reportedly with twins were married earlier today in New Orleans. Brad’s rep told OK! she had “no idea” if the news is true or not.

This would be Brad’s second marriage, his first was with Jennifer Aniston. Angelina has been married twice – to actor Billy Bob Thornton, and Jonny Lee Miller.

UpdatePeople and Us reports that the couple did not marry.

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  1. Dea

    That would be the 1,238,457th time they reported that these 2 already got married. Not buying it.

  2. DropThePilot

    What does it change for them anyway?

  3. marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper, you can definately be in love with someone and have a very healthy, and happy relationship with them. I applaud this couple for all the work and charitable donations they give to people who otherwise would never have anything. if other power couples followed suit, this world would be much different. why do people have to rag on these people , are they that petty and insecure of themselve to have to hate . that, to me, is sad and pitiful on many levels

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