Beautiful Jessica Alba @ Kids Choice Awards 2008

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba (and her belly!) was all smiles as she attended Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kids Choice Awards. She won “Favorite Movie Actress” and looked amazing in her green dress. Way to go Jessica !

Source: Celebutopia

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  1. Lisa

    It’s good to see her when she smiling. She seems to hate the candid shots..always hiding her face.

  2. kayembe

    Yes, she looks gorgeous, but not a great role model for kids. Pregnant and not married.

  3. PtitePom

    @ kayembe : well, you know, things and minds are changing… see, my parents have been together for 20 years before they finally decided to get married. I was 19 then. I’m almost 2 now, and both my parents are role models to me… There are people who don’t believe in marriage, but who do believe a relationship can be as strong as a marriage with that little piece of paper. I’m one of them. I’m sure Jessica is going to be a wonderful Mom. Married or not. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t find it immoral. But then again, it’s only my opinion… šŸ™‚

  4. ivy

    i agree with PtitePom, as long as you stay together and love each other thats all that matters.

  5. Skadi

    I agree. In times where every 3rd marriage ends up in divorce, it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re married or not. Marriage is no guarantee for a working relationship – it can even make things worse as some people rely too much on this piece of paper and refuse to invest more than absolutely necessary.

    Parents that love each other and put effort and love into their children’s upbringing may be married or not – it won’t make a difference when it comes to being a role model. šŸ™‚ I know too many people whose parents went through divorce (almost every single one ending with the children suffering badly) to believe that anything but love, trust and honesty is important in a relationship.

    And yes, Jessica is a radiant beauty in these pics. šŸ™‚

  6. Nicola

    My partner and I have been together for 5 years. We have two children 6 months and 27 months. And we have never married, and don’t see any reason to. We love each other, we love our children; we don’t need the government to give us a piece of paper to tell us that. It is becoming quite normal to not marry, I know three other couples that raise children and live together without ever going through the ceremony.

  7. Skadi

    I forgot to say that I DO see reasons to marry, but they are not of moral or ideal nature. Taxes e.g. – and above all my partner’s coverage and rights in case I fall ill, meet with an accident etc.
    Alas, these things are always bound to marriage. šŸ™

  8. kayembe

    Sorry, I am an old fashioned girl, and I do believe in marriage. If you love and are committed to each other, then making a public statement shouldn’t be so hard. It certainly won’t keep people together, but I sure think it makes you try a bit harder if the going gets tough. JMHO.

  9. I agree with their choice. Alba is really fabulous!


  10. Nicola

    Sorry but I have to disagree with Kayembe, marriage doesn’t make you try harder, love is what makes you try harder. If you don’t love someone no amount of work is going to make it work. And saying that you work harder because of the cost of divorce, that just makes relationships sound calculating(not that you said that, but I have known people who have).

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