Brooke Burke & David Charvet Name Their Son Shaya Charvet

As reported earlier this week, Brooke Burke and David Charvet are still deciding on a middle name for their 3-week old son — but they’ve released his first and last name on Brooke’s blog – Shaya Charvet.

You heard it here first! We have finally settled on a name. We waited our whole lives for our son, and couldn’t find the perfect fit. Poor guy! Now it’s official.

Shaya Charvet

We played with so many different names, and both loved Shaya the most. It means God’s gift in Hebrew. David came up with a middle name, Braven, which I really like. I want to give him part of my name too, so I am thinking about double Bs in the middle like my initials, Braven-Burke. He is the last Charvet to carry on David’s family name. He is also the first boy in David’s family, the little brother of three princesses, and my youngest. Ya think he is gonna be spoiled?!?!

We haven’t agreed on the middle name yet, but for all those who have been asking, Shaya Charvet it is!

Till next time?


I can’t wait to see baby Shaya, who joins big sisters; Neriah, 7, Sierra, 5, and Heaven Rain, 14-months.

Source: Baboosh Baby

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  • Anonymous

    that is a really pretty and different name. It goes well with them. I love this family!

  • Anne

    It’s a pretty name, but it seems to be a girl name no?

  • Skadi

    Hmm… sounds like “Shia LaBeouf”, eh? It’s really different, but pretty somehow (though I’d have preferred it for a girl. ;)).

  • DropThePilot

    I, too, think it sounds more like a girlname..

  • ivy

    yeah thats the girly-est name ive ever heard. poor thing.

  • Bluezy

    Shaya….sounds very girly to me. Wonder why they didn’t just name him Burke (as a first name), after his mother’s last name. That way he’d REALLY be carrying on the name for her family. Burke Charvet…I think it sounds good.

  • nosoupforyou

    No, it is a male Hebrew name although I agree it sounds feminine.

    Shaya, A short form of Yeshaya…

    Name : YESHAYA
    Origin : HEBREW
    Gender : male
    Meaning : God lends

    Yeshaya: Hebrew name for book of Isaiah.

  • Jen

    My God, it’s a name, for crying out loud! No one but the child’s parents ever know its middle name anyway. This lady has way too much time on her hands. Perhaps she should be planning a wedding to this beloved gift’s father instead of obsessing over double B’s!

  • barfing

    Good God! Shayan away from being a Charvet. Now there are some lyric’s for the vain couple……….poor kid.

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