Denise Richards & Daughters At The Nokia Theater

Denise Richards and her girls, Sam, 4, and Lola, 2 1/2 went to a show with friends at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California yesterday. Denise recently legally change her surname from Sheen back to Richards. She divorced the girls’ dad, actor Charlie Sheen in 2006.

Photo: INF

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  • Julie

    I’m sorry but IMHO those dresses are not approriate for 3yr olds. It looks like fetish stuff with those belts and all in black. There are so much cuter dresses for girls

  • PtitePom

    I have to agree with you… And I hate it that Denise is always holding Sam. She looks like such a baby next to her little sister!

  • DropThePilot

    Denise seems such a freak to me!

  • Lisa

    You’re so right, Denise is always holding Sam…I wonder why?

  • Rinoa

    You’re right that those dresses are kind of weird for little girls. There are much cuter things for them to wear.

  • liz

    sam isnt cute and she never has a smile on her face! shes always whining

  • Bluezy

    I’m assuming there is probably a reason why she is carrying her. Maybe Sam is a bit needier than her sister. Lola always seems so self confident.

    I agree about the outfits though.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps if she stopped parading them around in public like trophies they would both be more self confident. No one has mentioned the tacky blue flip flops.

  • ron

    i agree tiffany, if the girls looked more like denise they’d be more beautiful (not implying they’re not beautiful now though).. denise’s dress is also not that flattering on her, first glance i thought she was pregnant

  • Anne

    I agree a 4 year old is too old to be carried. I am not a fan of the dresses either….my 2 year old has several dresses of a similar length, however the styling is just too mature for my taste. I don’t like the flip flops either – seems like you’re just asking for that 2 year old to trip!

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