Giada De Laurentiis Welcomes Daughter Jade Marie

Food Network star and Today show contributor, Giada De Laurentiis, 37, and husband Todd Thompson, 44, welcomed their first child, a baby girl, born March 29 in LA — Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson weighed 5lbs, 13oz.

I love Giada and watch her show Everyday Italian – congrats to the family!

Source: People

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  • liz


    i thought she had more class than that

  • Anonymous

    what does a name have to do with class?

  • PtitePom

    I love Jade, it’s sweet! Well, I like the french pronunciation, dunno about the english sound of it…

  • Anonymous

    actually, Giada means Jade in Italian….


  • Amaara

    Congrats to Giada on her new baby girl Jade Marie… Such a beautiful name and I’m sure that Giada and Todd will make great parents =))))))))))

  • Jade

    wow!!! such a beautiful name jade marie is my name too!

  • i love your show on the foodnetwork and i want to see phtos of your baby.

  • Anonymous

    Jade is the is another name for Giada, So ya she does have class

  • CV

    Jade is another name for Giada

  • Cindy

    Giada, you and Todd must be so proud–baby Jade is stunning!!!
    I watch your show religously on Food Network and love it. I just wanted to send my heartfelt Congratulations. It is my dream to someday meet you. I told my husband that “out of all the Food Network Chefs I want to meet Giada the most”. Take care–you have a gorgeous family!!

  • Patricia

    OMG giada doesnt even look llike she is a mom

  • Jade

    I love it! My name is Jade Marie Eden, I am an Italian, and I wish I could watch you’re show, but I have no T.V. but good luck on you’re new baby girl, I am wishing great joy for you!

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