The Bonham-Carter-Burton Latest Addition

Source: Daily Mail

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  • BobaFett

    I remember reading from Imdb that the baby girl is called Nell.

  • Natalie

    The lil man has his moma’s eyes…x

  • K x

    I read a couple of weeks ago in “New”, a UK gossip mag, that their daughter was called “Indiana Rose”. They seem a sweet, low-key family.

  • Bluezy

    This family freaks me out.

  • Skadi

    I love love love this couple! 🙂 Tim Burton is such a genius.

  • jamie

    why do they dress like they live on the streets? definetly have a strange style,they always look messy.Kids are cute though . Tim looks like he needs a brush.

  • Lisa

    OMG… Billy Ray totally looks like Helena

  • Dea

    I feel like I am looking at the casts of Oliver Twist! “Sir, may I more some more porridge..?”

  • Jazz

    If you look at the kinds of movies that these people make/and are featured in, you’ll notice that their style of dress corresponds. They are eccentric and unique. I would rather not see the boring typical family….I would rather see people with more eccentric lifestyles being recognized for going against the norm.

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