Pregnant Jamie Lynn Show Off Her Ring

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears was seen Monday afternoon in Kentwood – she’s wearing her engagment ring from fiance Casey Aldridge. Jamie Lynn will celebrate her 17th birthday April 4th, and is expecting her first baby in July.

Photos: Fame

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  1. Natalie

    Oh my, she has such a baby face in the second pic (yeah, i know she is 16!) x

  2. Carrie

    Is that packing tape on the windshield in that second picture??

  3. Lisa

    @Carrie – it looks like it. The photo agency said she was with her cousin they made a quick pit stop for gas, then they headed a local church to switch cars.

  4. Liz

    Suzan, don’t you think that is a little harsh?

  5. Ja-j

    I just hope that she turns out to be a better mama than her big sis.

  6. Brenda

    Better than her big sis and her own mom!!!

  7. Dea

    How far is she, does anybody know?

  8. Natalie

    I see what you mean Suzan, but i think it may just be because she has put a little baby weight on her face and now looks like a 10 year old frowning. x

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