Jessica Alba’s Baby To Be Named HONOR ?!?

“This woman was so exited that Jessica is having a girl,” says the source. “She said she loved the name too, Honor, and said Jessica picked it because she felt it was an honor to have Cash’s baby. She said she couldn’t wait to give it to Jessica this weekend. She asked twice if the bracelet would be ready by then.”

I’m not buying it until Jessica confirms. I don’t like the name at all, it sounds like HORROR to me!! What about you : love it or hate it ?

Source : Star Magazine

Photo : Celebutopia

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  • Pencils

    Sounds suspiciously too much like what happened with the names of Jennifer Lopez’s kids, how those got out early. That was true, but this sounds like it was inspired by that story. Still, I like the name “Honor,” it’s an old-fashioned name like Grace or Patience. Think of the wonderful British actress Honor Blackman.

  • PtitePom

    Yes, I agree, it totally reminds me of that JLo/Max & Emme story too! Well, only one month to go and we’ll know for sure… 🙂

  • Dea

    Imagine somebody asks her,”oh, is that your honor?” instead of ,”is that your Sammy/Chloe/Ella?”. It just doesnt sound right.

  • Rinoa

    Don’t like it at all.

  • CLA


  • Nicola

    I love it! I love old fashioned names and wanted Constance for my second, but she isn’t anywhere close to being a Constance.

  • Bluezy

    That’s horrible

  • Linda

    “and said Jessica picked it because she felt it was an honor to have Cash’s baby.” ……. WTF??

    And i dont like the name either, It sounds to rugh in a way. She should perhaps name her baby for LOVE,because of the strong love she has for Cash and the baby.That sounds at least less odd.

  • Lisa

    I voted that I hated it…it’s a terrible name

  • BobaFett

    Honor Alba or Honor Warren…
    Doesn’t sound right to my ear.

  • melanie

    i love reading these comments a year later. lol well she indeed did pick honor marie warren, which has grown on me, she’s such a cutie!

  • Georgie ♥

    The name doesn’t appeal to me, however seeing how adorable little Honor is, i actually think the name has grown on me…

  • gjhyj

    секс жестко

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