Marc Anthony Spends £1.3million On A Pair Of Earrings For Jennifer

Marc Anthony has already given his wife and Jennifer Lopez a £150,000 8-carat diamond ring to celebrate the arrival of their twins. It seems the new dad wasn’t done gift giving yet – he just spent £1.3million ($2.6 million) on a pair of diamond earrings for the mother of his children, and had the babies’ initials engraved – one on each earring.

The couple are also suppossedly looking for a live in nanny,

“They want someone they can trust to give the twins a good sense of grounding and some proper discipline when they aren’t around.”


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  • Linda

    Wow theese 2 are not afraid to spend some money!

  • Dea

    I personally feel they are unbelievably extravagant and have diva-like attitude who believe money can buy anything, including love. Hope their kids wont turn out like their parents.

  • Carrie

    Yeah, but Dea, it is *their* money and maybe he felt that since she has to sleep with him, she deserves $2.6 million on her ears. 😉

  • Dea

    @Carrie, takes a brave person to wake up in the morning and see his face 😛

  • Becca G.

    Have these greedy self loatheing people ever heard of charity??

  • lucky

    JLO must be so lucky to have a husand like Marc Anothony

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