Arnold & Daughters Shop @ Barney’s

Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 60, took his two daughters Christina,16,(R) and Katherine, 18,(L) to Barneys New York today. I never realized how tall the girl were – I looked up Arnold’s height and he’s 6 ft 1.5 in(?) Katherine looks just like mom Maria Shriver.

Photo: ODuran/FamePictures

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  • kayembe

    I saw Arnold in person and there is no way he is 6’1.5″ tall! Maybe 5’10”.

  • Lisa

    @kayembe I believe you – i re-googled his height & there was conflicting info, some said 6’1 other swear he’s 5’10 – either way those girls are tall 😉

  • steph

    yeah, i have to agree… he is NOT over 6′ at all. i also saw him in person and he is probably about 5’9″-10″. my husband is 6’1″ and he was at least a couple inches taller than arnold. either way, the girls are probably 5’8′-9’ish.
    what’s with his old man white sneakers?! he looks geriatric with them! yikes!

  • Anonymous

    Arnold is 6’2″

  • Susan

    Oh, yeah – he’s 6’5″ the way Jackie Chan is 5’10”. IOW, no way.
    Which is not to say that he’s not still great looking (or Jackie
    Chan, for that matter! (-: ) !

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    Katherine Schwarzenegger !

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